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  1. Dear Frank,
    I have just returned from my hike from Maiori to Sorrento.
    Your information helped me a lot in the preparation and on the way - thank you for the extremely thorough work !!
    For me, this has become the basis for the last two days - excursions to the Campanella headland and exploring Sorrento Grand Hotel Hermitage very proven in Sant'Agata. It costs less than some B & Bs, the location for buses and hiking trails is perfect, and the view over Sorrento is fabulous.
    Can only say to all hikers: Make your way to the Amalfi Coast !!

    • Hello Bertram,

      thank you for your great feedback! I hope the weather was nice this time of year :-)
      I agree with you: the Grand Hotel Hermitage is very well located to visit Sorrento in peace and quiet without having to pay the surcharge there.



  2. Dear Frank & the entire team,

    I have just had 7 wonderful hiking days behind me. Did exactly your tour described and I am still completely enthusiastic. I mostly followed your tips, also with the hotels as far as they were available. But I always booked from day to day and not in advance. No problem in May, because you can always find good deals via It's certainly different in high season.
    Thank you for your super informative page and especially for the GPS tracks. Helped me a lot.
    I think it's great that there are people like you who have the time and energy to offer it all here.
    Another tip from my side if you travel with your own car.
    I parked my car in Salerno at Easy Garage Parking for 7 days.
    I can only recommend. Very nice people and very cheap. I paid 7 € for the 69 days. The vehicle is safely parked there in a garage. A shuttle to the hotel (as recommended by you at Vigi B&B) is included in the price. A shuttle service is also offered for collection.
    Important: Book directly on their website.
    And not via the various service portals that appear at the top of the Google ranking, such as There, the booking costs significantly more.
    Many, many thanks again for your tips and this great site.
    LG, Bernhard

    • Hi Bernard,

      Many thanks for the praise :-) and the valuable tip with the parking in Salerno! We hadn't even thought of arriving by car on the subject of "arrival". But maybe I also think about northern German :-) From Stuttgart or Munich this is of course also feasible by car.

      Greetings from Hamburg


    • Hi Bernard,
      It's been a long time since your report, but maybe you are still reading it and you can tell me a little bit about the * journey by car * to salerno.
      we first thought about the plane and train but we are already very limited and we want to be unrestricted and where we like to stay there.
      Coming from Austria, that's about 1400 km to salerno. My concern would be the traffic, as they say southern Italy and traffic is a challenge. I would appreciate a few information, also from others who dared to come by car thank you lg mathias

      • Hello Mathias,
        Bernhard will probably no longer read your question. But since I myself also have some auto experience in southern Italy - if not directly on the Amalfi Coast or in Naples - I would assess the situation as follows:
        Driving your own car at rush hour in a major Italian city like Naples is probably a challenge. Likewise, the route along the Amalfi Coast - if you want to cover it by car at all - requires safe control of your own vehicle even in stressful situations (tight bends, oncoming traffic with buses and trucks, steep coast, honking cars ...).
        However, I would consider the journey to Salerno to be somewhat unproblematic: If you park the car there as suggested by Bernhard, it is only a few kilometers from the motorway exit to the parking garage. I find the motorways in Italy to be quite relaxed (because of the speed limit and toll fees).
        Of course, I now assume that you walk the entire tour on foot and are not traveling in stages by car.
        I hope this helps a little more with the decision making.

        • Hello Frank,
          thanks for your quick reply. sounds good with the approach, we will tackle it so we want to go down the highway as far as salerno and then hike the entire tour. thanks again lg mathias

  3. Hello Frank,

    When planning a tour for our DAV section after my exciting short trip to the Amalfi Coast, I now came across your side.

    Thank you very much for your detailed information and the beautiful photos. Everything is very inspiring :-) - and even if I need quarters with a larger number of beds for my group, one or the other from your experience will certainly flow into the planning of my long-distance hike along the spectacular Amalfi Coast and on the Sorrentine Peninsula. :-)
    And even if the journey by plane should remain the exception in our tour program, I would also like to take a look at your other pages and am curious about what you will do next and then publish.

    Kind regards from Leonberg and continue many wonderful backpacking tours
    by Gisela

    • Hello Gisela,

      Thank you very much for the lovely feedback - it is an honor for us that the DAV can get information from us :-)
      If your program is on the Amalfi Coast, I can publish a link here…



  4. Hello you two, we're just finishing our last evening of our vacation, which started Saturday a week ago via Rome in Salerno. You guessed it, we picked out your hike and largely hiked it. First of all, of course, a huge thank you for the detailed work, which was a valuable help in the preparation and during the hike. We always had the maps of each individual stage with us via the app from the German Alpine Club, otherwise it would have been critical. We took an incredible amount of scenic impressions with us and had several nice encounters with locals. Close encounters with parts of the Amalfi Coast fauna (snakes, for example) were also included, as well as culinary highlights in Positano, Torca and Schiazzano. With SITA Sud we have experienced the whole spectrum, from punctual and friendly to two hours of unplanned stays ("But the bus will come in 10 minutes ..."). What we would still like to see for the further journeys would actually be further culinary tips. On our part, we can only give the following tips: Less luggage is more, most accommodations offer a washing service for those who do not want to wash themselves.
    At stage 5, maximum attention is required from Torca, since the paths are partially overgrown and the really right path is often only 4-5 meters from the apparently correct path. And last but not least, there is a day off to experience the country and its people even more intensely at any point.
    All in all, it was fantastic, all the impressions, encounters and small challenges. Thank you very much for your effort and keep it up!

    Tina & René

    • Hello René & Tina,

      thank you for your report! Regarding luggage: We have the guideline “max. 10kg luggage + water ”. This requires some discipline when packing, but it's worth it.
      I will include the hint with the orientation difficulties from Torca in stage description No. 5 in the next few days.

      Many greetings from Hamburg,


  5. I am absolutely delighted with your site and the great reports. I would like to start immediately. Some of my questions have already been answered in the previous comments. Since I have only ever done day tours and no route hikes, I would have the following question:
    Does anyone have experience with luggage transportation?
    If you want to hang out for a few days at the end of the tour.

    • Hello Regina,

      if I understand you correctly, it is about receiving an extra piece of luggage with fresh clothes etc. at the end of the hike, right?
      The only practicable possibility that I see on the Amalfi Tour is the following: As in Germany, there is also the possibility of packages in Italy general delivery to send. The corresponding service of the Italian Post is called fermoposta and includes 7 days of storage. I have not tried this myself and cannot give any information about the reliability and speed of the Italian post. ;-) In any case, I would not send the package with extra clothes from Germany, but from an Italian post office, for example in Naples or Salerno. The following links for information:

      If you try this, I would be happy to receive your feedback afterwards!



      • Thank you very much for your detailed answer. When I am in the concrete planning phase I will try to send the suitcase to the last hotel via taxi or courier service through the booked hotels. I think that should work.

  6. Hello Frank,

    now also my knowledge of map material for everyone who wants to go hiking on the Amalfi Coast.
    Who wants to equip themselves beyond the electronic maps: There is a compass map in the usual scale 1: 50.000, on which some ways are marked very clearly in red. In addition, I have added the 1: 25.000 scale MONTI LATTARI map newly published by the CAI ordered and find that both cards complement each other quite well.
    Best wishes and happy planning
    wishes Gisela

  7. Hello you two,
    Thank you for the excellent website.
    We have just returned, hiked the Amalfi Coast in 2017 days in the first week of October 6. Your GPS tracks and the eBook were our companions and helped us a lot.

    Our experiences and tips:

    Check in:
    We chose the vehicle and paid 40 Francs on the motorway in Switzerland and 130 in Italy. Arrival from southern Germany without problems within 1,5 days.

    Starting point:
    We parked in Pompei and took the train to the suburb of Salerno Vietri sul Mare. There you descend to the coast and you can already see the starting point at the church that you described. Additional requirements about 1 hour from the train station, but no additional bus journey.

    We put stages 3 and 4 together and stayed in Montepertuso. From there, the start of the continuation of the trail is easy to find and you don't have to go down to Positano. We found this a really great route that is in no way inferior to the famous “Path of the Gods”. The next stage then along the coast to Nerano. Attention here: The hiking trail is practically non-existent on the last stretch between Torca and Marina di Cantone. Orientation really only by GPS in high bushes. Overnight in Nerrano. Last stage then to the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula, further to Termini and then by bus / train to Pompei / Naples. In total 6 days.
    We found it to be a well-rounded affair: the entire coast without a bus stop to the very last point.

    There is a very good card: Costiera Amalfitana, scale 1: 25.000 for € 7,50. Unfortunately not available everywhere. With hiking trails and brief descriptions and times.

    A fantastic hiking trip. Almost always alone away from the places. Beautiful places and landscape.
    Highly recommended, but only in spring and autumn :-)

    Kind regards Jörg

    • Hi Joerg,
      Thank you for your detailed tips and the option to travel by car!
      What interests me mega is your route above Positano. Do you have some more information? At that time we looked in vain for such a way. The only thing we found was a path under construction that ended in a cul-de-sac.
      Maybe we just exchange information via email?

      Thank you in advance!


  8. Hi all,

    you made a great site - respect !!! Overall, I think it's great to set up an information service that documents long-distance hikes in southern Europe. I have already walked the Costa Brava, from Argeles-sur-Mer (F) to Blanes (ES) - twice!

    I can highly recommend the Costa Vicentina (, I hiked almost the entire route in April this year - it was great !!

    Keep it up !! If I should take the Amalfi Coast under my feet in 2018, I will get back here….


    • Hi Mark,
      Many thanks for the compliment :-) I've been asked several times about the Portuguese coastal hike, that's definitely on our list!

  9. Hello Frank,

    We were on the Amalfi Coast in mid-October and followed your route, and we also used your recommendations for the overnight stays. We were very enthusiastic about the tour, the accommodations were very good without exception.
    With the Viewranger on the smartphone, it worked really well, the GPS files helped us a lot.
    Thank you for your great travel site. We are looking forward to new tours ;-)

  10. Hello Frank,

    Congratulations, really a great site!
    If I had found them before my Amalfi hike, I could have saved myself some research ...

    In the end, the Roth hiking guide "Gulf of Naples" also briefly discusses long-distance hikes. So I made my route from Corpo di Cava to Sorrento. It's a shame that you recommend the bus between Positano and Colli di San Pietro. It was one of the most beautiful tours, even if it was really difficult to find. With the GPS track from the Rother it went quite well.
    If you are interested in my tour, I wrote a detailed report in the outdoor site forum:


    • Hello Wolfgang,
      Thank you for the link with your detailed report. When I look at the pictures for your "Stage 6: Agriturismo La Ginestra - Colli di San Pietro", I get really jealous :-) The pictures are really great! Back then we tried to find this route in the rain and fog, but then we had to stop and therefore we grinded our teeth and included the bus route in the tour description. In the meantime, however, both you and Jörg have independently confirmed that the "upper connection path" actually exists. And that you can also reach your destination if you stick to the GPS route and don't let missing markings or overgrown paths stop you :-)
      Therefore: As soon as I find a little more time in the next few weeks, I will adjust my route description.
      Thank you again for your feedback!

  11. Hi all,

    what do you think is a 3-stage tour possible? Which stages should you consider to be? I find the whole thing very appealing, but for us the outward flight would be Monday and the return flight on Friday, ergo only 3 full days ...

    Thanks for feedback


    Timo Kemming from Münster

    • Hello Timo,
      in case you haven't discovered it yet: I've already clicked the following link shorter variants described with 4 or 5 stages. With only 3 stages I would limit myself to stage 2-4, then you take the central Amalfi coast highlights with you (Amalfi itself, the Sentiero Degli Dei and Positano). This means that you start in Maiori and end in Positano.
      For arrival: there is a Sita bus from Salerno to Maiori (timetable) and one from Positano to Sorrento.
      Three days are quite short, but if there is no other option, the above variant would be my suggestion.

  12. Hallo,

    After a documentary about the Sentiero Degli Dei, my father wanted to plan the trip to the Amalfi Coast in order to hike. Your site of course totally blew me away! I've never planned / organized more than a few days of relaxation on the Baltic Sea ...
    He would like to extend the stay by 2-3 days beach holiday / Dolce Vita. Can you give me a tip where it works best? What about bathing beaches in Sorrento, or would you prefer an extended stay in Schiazzano in the Lubra Casa Relax, which you are so enthusiastic about? Does it make any sense to stay there for 3 nights and then hike to Sorrento? Or do you hang the days back in Naples at the end? Excuse me for the many questions, but I'm just so excited that I almost want to ride with myself;) The tour should take place in September.


    • Hello Anne,
      nice that you are so excited :-)
      To your questions: The area around Sorrento is so beautiful that you can't really go wrong - no matter where you hang out for a few more days:

      • The Lubra Casa Relax lies beautifully hidden in the middle of a wonderful landscape. From here, many small hikes to swimming areas, beaches and bays in the area are possible. The property itself is not on the beach. Ideal for someone who wants a lot of rest and as little hustle and bustle and can do without a direct beach proximity.
      • Accommodation may come as a beach alternative to the Lubra Casa Relax around Nerano in question. The bay is in the shade in the evening, so I personally would prefer the Lubra Casa Relax because of the evening sun.
      • Sorrento itself is on a cliff. There are also bathing beaches and bathing platforms, but Sorrento is more impressive with its large selection of restaurants, bars, museums and an almost kitschy dolce vita feeling. I find Sorrento very worth seeing, but after the many lonely hiking days on the Amalfi Coast, I had to cope with the high number of visitors in this city.
      • For Naples this is of course reinforced with the rush of visitors. Contrast program.
      • I have already heard from several other hikers that a stay on the nearby island of Capri is attractive as a conclusion (Ferry service from Sorrento).

      I hope that any of these alternatives fits your father very well :-)
      Greetings from Hamburg

  13. Dear Frank & Co,

    If I go your way this year in early May, it will probably be as Bernhard says: That you don't have to book accommodation in advance?

    Your site impresses me very much and I am really looking forward to it!

    Thank you in advance and best regards

    • Hi Ulrike,
      Based on Bernhard's experience and because of the generally very large amount of accommodation on the Amalfi Coast, I also think that a spontaneous search for accommodation should be successful in early May. You then hike before the whole bridge day (Ascension Day, Pentecost).
      All in all, it is probably a question of personal taste: do you want to remain flexible and be able to spontaneously stay longer in a nice place? Or is it important to know in advance where to stay and at what price?
      We have found that it is more relaxing for us to have done most of the organization before the holiday. This saves time and research on every single day of hiking and is not least a good means to get up and continue hiking on a rainy day :-)
      Have fun hiking in May and best regards

  14. Hello Frank,
    we discovered your site today and are thrilled. We want to hike the tour in March and thank you for the great planning aids.
    Does the chosen hiking direction have a special reason? We plan exactly the opposite!

    Greetings from Swabia

    • Hello Christian,
      From a purely technical point of view, there are no restrictions in terms of direction. In my opinion, there are several reasons for the direction from Salerno to Sorrento:

      • I think that the stages in the order described are getting more and more beautiful and spectacular from day to day. I also find it more worthwhile to have chic Sorrento as a destination than the tranquil Salerno. Especially since in Sorrento you can really walk into the city without any problems. In Salerno you still have to travel a bit by bus.
      • Stage 4: The Sentiero Degli Dei is also wandered from east to west by the mass of people. This is because you always have the spectacular view to the west in front of you. Logically, anyone who hikes the path in the opposite direction does not have this and must also count on constantly having to avoid the large flow of visitors.

      In return, I can think of no real advantage when hiking in the opposite direction. But please give me a hint as to what led you to plan the other way around! This is certainly interesting for other readers!

      Greetings from Hamburg

  15. Hello Frank,

    we also plan to go on this tour in May.
    A question about luggage: what was the volume of your backpacks?

    Is there a head for heights necessary for the tour - are there exposed spots?
    Thank you and best regards from Bavaria

    • Hello Angelica,

      our backpacks have a volume of 45 or 48 liters, but we have not fully exhausted them. You can also find some information on this at
      It is difficult for me to make a resilient statement on the topic of head for heights, because I am not afraid of heights and therefore do not remember any exposed positions in doubt that might be a problem for others. In any case, there are no via ferrata-like places where you have to hold on to the rope or similar. But there are plenty of narrow paths on the steep slope with a view of the sea. On the most famous piece - the "Sentiero Degli Dei" (stage 4) - there are plenty of comments and assessments on the topic of head for heights. Perhaps Google image search with the search terms "sentiero degli dei free from giddiness" also helps here for a personal assessment.
      I hope to have helped you further and wish you a nice and successful hike in May!

  16. Hello Frank,
    In October we are considering 4 days with our children (8 to 3 years) to walk from Maiori to Positano with a day off in Amalfi. The car is parked in Salerno and from Positano we take the ferry back to Salerno. Our girls are good on foot, but my wife and I would have to carry the luggage. Is this a realistic plan with children or is it too ambitious?

    Best regards

    • Hi Andrew,

      I think such a hike from place to place will be a really great experience for children! This is how I came to hike at some point :-)
      Route planning: When hiking with children there is probably the rule of thumb "age times 1,5" (source: At the age of 4, the distance should not exceed 6 km significantly, with 100 vertical meters counting as one kilometer.
      In order to come up with short sections, I would have the following ideas:

      • Day 1: How about hiking the 2 km from Maiori to Minori on the day of arrival? Then the next section is a little shorter.
      • Day 2 in the morning: Minori - Ravello. That is about 350 meters in altitude over 2 km. There is one from there busthat takes away part of the descent towards Amalfi.
      • Day 2 in the afternoon: From the bus stop above Atrani, walk again to Amalfi (approx. 1,25 km and descent of 170 meters).
      • Day 3: bus trip from Amalfi to Bomerano (the ascent as described in stage 3 is probably too much for old age) and from there on the Sentiero Degli Dei approx. 5,5 km to Nocelle. From Nocelle then because of the many meters in altitude by bus to Positano. There is a bus connection from "Mobility Amalfi Coast", which schedules by Facebook communicate.

      That's it from my side.



  17. Dear Frank,
    wow, a stone falls from our hearts that from your point of view it is possible - not that you overwhelm the little ones. We thank you very much for the effort to give us a small travel plan on the way, especially on the first day I was concerned about the length. Maybe we can take a day longer and hike to Bomerano, where the family council may decide when we are there.
    Many thanks for everything and best regards from sunny Weimar!

  18. Hello Frank,

    what footwear do you recommend for this long hike?
    Are trail running shoes correct or are they firmer, higher shoes?

    Thank you

    • Hi Joseph,
      Although the hiking trails on the Amalfi Coast are not exactly alpine (for example, there are no scree slopes, etc.), you should keep in mind that you have to carry around 10-12 kg of backpack weight on a long-distance hike. Especially when descending over several hundred meters in altitude, firmer hiking shoes or even hiking boots pay off (see also Equipment recommendation). If you get blisters on your feet because of inappropriate shoes, it is very annoying on a long-distance hike ...
      Therefore, when in doubt, I always recommend the firmer / higher variant.


  19. Thank you thank you thank you! A very wonderful and wonderfully described tour. At the end of March 2018, we were on your trail with our XNUMX-year-old daughter and enjoyed every minute and every step of this varied hike. Without your tips, we would not have found many a path so easily. The travel time was ideal for running because it was refreshingly cool, but the pools and the sea were too cold or not yet filled.
    A little tip for a similar and yet completely different hike: the Rota Vicentina (fishing path) in Portugal. Lonely, dream area, totally slowing down. We are also hoping for a week-long hike on the Azores island of Santa Maria (Ilha a Pé) soon in June: from restored shepherd's hut to shepherd's hut.

    • Hello Claudia,
      Thank you for the great feedback and tips in Portugal! I have heard of the Rota Vicentina several times, the hike in the Azores is completely new to me, do you mean this: It definitely looks great!
      Have fun in June!

  20. Dear Frank,
    now we were on the road with you for the second time! After hiking the La Gomera circuit in 2 (with two overnight stays per quarter and corresponding additional day tours), this time we made your Amalfi hike a 2016-day hike (plus lookup Pompeii, Capri, Naples)
    Depending on the hiking opportunities on site, we stayed in the quarters for one, two or three nights.
    Albori (1), Maiori (2), Amalfi (3), Bomerano (1), Santa Maria del Castello (3), Colli di San Pietro (1), Schiazzano (2), Sorrento
    First of all, my conclusion: A great area and an equally great hike, perfectly worked out again by you, from the bus at the airport to the hiking and lodging suggestions and the way finding.
    Now a few experiences from the route:
    I highly recommend spending the first night in Albori. (Above Raito and easily reachable on foot from there.) Although we only arrived in Naples at 15 p.m., we were in Raito (bus, train, bus) shortly before 18 p.m. and the short hike to Albori was a perfect one Immerse yourself in the landscape, away from the hustle and bustle. Albori is beautiful, completely untouristic, a quiet cul de sac in a fantastic location. We really liked the 'B&B aeternitas', from whose terrace you have a wonderful view of the sea. From there, the long first stage is shortened by 20 minutes and you can start running in the morning.
    In Amalfi we found a very good neighborhood: At the beginning of the mill valley lies the B&B 'Valle de la ferriere', good breakfast, incredibly impressive view from the breakfast terrace, completely away from the hustle and bustle, a good restaurant (Da Maria) in town, that the landlord's husband runs very hospitable people, a little above average in price, but still within reason.
    Another recommendation is to lay out the tour on 7 stages (without bus trip), with an overnight stay in Santa Maria del Castello, above Positano, Agritourismo La Ginestra (this was recommended in one of the comments and we stayed there for three nights one day hike down to Positano and a second up to a summit of Monte Lettari). (Thanks to your addition, we found the ascent from Montepertusso to the high path not difficult to find, and the high path that followed was the true path of the king or god, unbelievably beautiful, full of flowers and views and deserted.
    The following stage to Colli di San Pietro should definitely be planned as a whole day's stage, because a long rest on Monte Comune is a must (magnificent view) and the following route places some demands on finding your way (marked but overgrown) and the road conditions make it quite tedious at times.
    We liked the neighborhood you recommended at Colli as well as the one in Bomerano. In Schiazzano we were unfortunately too frugal and lived in the Casale Marzia ...
    Thanks again for your elaboration
    On the subject of backpacks: I bought a smaller hiking backpack for this tour (35l + 10). (Concession to my age, 62). That is enough if you pack sparingly and is much better to carry than a larger, not fully packed backpack, because everything tends to slide down there. It was almost a new backpack feeling, and that despite some vertical meters and many thousands of steps ...

    • Hello Almuth,

      Thank you for your (second) detailed feedback on our hiking routes! I can still remember yours very well first Remember feedback.
      Very nice that you were able to try the Höhenweg variant above Positano. I have to do it myself again sometime :-)

      Where are you going next?



  21. Hello Frank,

    Great site! I have two weeks of vacation at the end of June and decided to go on a hiking tour. I thought of Iceland at first, but it was too cold for me :-) How to read out, that would be my first real hike, but since I like to go for a long walk, I would like to try it out. But I have no experience at all, so a few questions:
    - what about the equipment? Are hiking shoes really necessary or can you walk the route in good sports shoes? (I'm mainly concerned with convenience)
    - do you think it is also possible to spontaneously pitch a tent on the way? I would like to be independent and depending on how I like it at a certain point, I would then reluctantly have to go to a hotel.
    - I would like to run the complete tour, however I travel on Monday and would fly back on Sunday. Do you think that's doable?
    Again huge compliments and thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and tips!

    Love from,

    • Hello Nadine,
      thanks for the praise for the website :-)
      - How a little further up already written I actually recommend taking hiking shoes with you. Normal sports shoes are not designed for the additional weight (backpack with 10-12kg). There are light hiking or trekking boots (categories A / B to B) that you can use to travel comfortably and safely.
      - Wild camping is forbidden in Italy and especially in areas like the Amalfi Coast, which is very well developed for tourism, I could imagine that you can actually be fined if you get caught.
      - Hiking with luggage on your back for several days is noticeably more strenuous than a day hike with little luggage. If you have no real experience in this, I would even recommend planning shorter stages than planning 6 stages in 5 days.
      These are probably not the answers you wanted to hear :-) I hope that will help you with the planning anyway.

  22. Definitely RECOMMENDED, the hike around the Azores island of Santa Maria. Arrive. Cottage perched over the sea. Lid from the pot. What is delicious to eat? Come home, spread out, shower off the sweat, the first glass of wine from the cooler that our landlord Ioannis has already placed in the house. And then recap the day. Remember the incredible beautiful places of this little island. This vastness, this calm, these thousand shades of green - that comes very close to paradise. The body runs at full speed, the head becomes very clear and calm and wide. We only met three other hikers. Instead we saw birds, birds everywhere, singing a grandiose duet with the frogs. Gnarled trees, gigantic trees, hydrangeas, giant ferns. Cows on the right, cows on the left, cows standing on the ridge, like the Osborne bull in Spain. A spontaneously conjured menu from the charming and warm Aida on the beach of Maia. Unforgettable days on a breathtaking island. Definitely RECOMMENDED!

  23. Hello Frank,
    First of all, thank you for this page, I went the whole tour with my father a few weeks ago, we did sweat a lot at times, but we also had a lot of fun with it.
    At this point, however, I would strongly advise against descending directly to the Marina di Crapolla at the end of the 5th stage. The path was even more badly marked (barrier tape ...) but partly slipped and the undergrowth was up to head height in May, we fought our way down more than badly, but I would strongly advise against it, especially with backpacks that are a bit bigger. The access to the bay from the other side of Marina del Cantone, on the other hand, is a popular hiking trail, which is not a problem.

    • Hello Verena,
      thank you for your valuable feedback! Do you mean on stage 5 the piece between waypoint 8 and "Marina del Cantone"? Then I would add that on the stage description.

  24. Hello you two,
    we recently ended our hike from Raito to Sorrento. Yes, we really did it in August :)
    First of all, thank you for the wonderful description and helpful tips for the tour.
    Here are a few experiences on our part:
    - Sure, it's warm in August. Nevertheless, the vegetation is beautiful and the tour can be done well with sufficient water. Except for the half-day hikers on Sentiero degli Dei, the rest of the hikers can be counted on one hand :)
    - The OruxMaps app in combination with OpenStreetMaps helped us a lot. Water points are also listed there.
    - On stage 5 before and especially after Torca the path was overgrown and you had to keep your eyes open to get ahead and find the markings.
    All in all it was a great experience - we can only recommend the tour to everyone!
    LG Helen and David

    • Hello Helen & David,
      Thank you very much for your feedback! For stage 5, we can only hope that a few more hikers will find their way there in the future - and thus prevent the slow growth of the path.
      I am not yet familiar with the OruxMaps app, but I will take a look at it soon.

  25. Hello you two!
    We have carried out our Amalfi Coast hike largely according to your recommendation and with your GPX data. Perfect! Thank you very much for your great preparatory work! We had stayed in Sorrento and after a few days took the bus via Amalfi to Vietri sul Mare. Approximately 10 euros for two for a 3 hour bus ride along the coastal road. We found this to be the best option, the train is complicated because of the different routes in Pompeij.
    We walked stage 4 completely from Positano to Colli San Pietro and found that this was even the most beautiful tour (especially from Monte Commune along the steep coast). We were happy to take your recommendation Monte Vico Alvano along the way. In Amalfi and Positano we had planned a 3-night break, whereby we mostly did a smaller tour in the area every day. From Positano (by bus up to Montepertuso) we also climbed Monte San Michele. A real highlight (not only because of the 1.444 m) due to the panoramic view from Naples, Vesuvius to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento! All paths up there are well laid out and easy to walk (the steep staircase in the last third of the climb is just tiring because of the steady climb, the last climb to the summit is also easy to walk).
    Stage 5 is really overgrown from Torca, but feasible. While the GPS tracks along the entire route were especially helpful for finding branches (or accidentally leaving the track), this tool was very helpful in many parts of the route from Torca.
    We were from 31.08. - 10.09.18 on the way. Almost always alone outside the places !! It was usually still hot with us. Water is rare on the pure mountain stages. We always had 1 x 2 and 2 x 1 and 1 x 0,5 liters of water with us on the day tours for two. On the way up, 2 - 3 liters are already drunk, you need that too. When it comes to heat, water is the real problem that you have to take care of. The paths themselves are not difficult, but you shouldn't underestimate the altitude difference.
    In the end we returned to our hotel in Sorrento and went on vacation for a few days (we had left our suitcase there).
    It was a very nice experience for us!
    Hubert and Brigitte

    • Hello Hubert and Brigitte!

      Thank you for your detailed report! Your variant with 10 days also sounds very worthwhile. And we envy you a bit the view of Monte San Michele. At that time we were also at this altitude for a day (on the opposite mountain peak), but unfortunately we saw nothing except fog and clouds. Maybe I will add this as an additional tip for Positano in the stage description at stage 4 soon ...


  26. Hello you two!
    I'm really looking forward to it ... we're flying to Naples on October 04th and want to hike your tour along the Amalfi Coast. Your site increases the anticipation enormously and offers so many helpful tips - great, thank you very much !!!
    Now one more question: we want to stay at the coast for a few days to swim, stroll and relax. In addition to the variant with the post, do you have any other tips on how we can load an additional bag with luggage towards Sorrento. Did the variant of Regina work with the courier?

    Viele Grüße aus München
    Lenka & Andreas

    • Hello Lenka & Andreas,

      Sorry for the late reply! We are on tour again ourselves and somehow your question slipped before the vacation.
      Regarding the topic of “additional baggage”, I unfortunately have no new knowledge than what you already mentioned above.
      I hope you have a great time on the Amalfi Coast! And maybe afterwards you will report how you solved the problem!

      Greetings from the south of France,

    • Dear Frank, thank you very much for this inspiring hiking site. I am very happy that I "ran into her". And even more on hiking this route. I myself started long-distance hiking when I was 60+ - mostly alone / and I want my legs to carry me around the world for a long time!
      I would like to do the AmalfiWeg with my husband. However, our current plan is to leave him in mid-March, if the weather forecast suggests good things. I am Camino tested and therefore rather fearless in terms of weather. Nevertheless, I would like to hear your opinion on it. We arrive from Austria, so of course we can also move spontaneously. But I would like to because I want to go a few more ways this year. I look forward to your answer. With warm regards,

      • Hello Isabella,
        I am very happy that you still got long-distance hiking fever when you were 60+! In my opinion, there is no reason not to do the tour in mid-March. Among the numerous reports, you will also find several of hikers who were also out in March. If you are still a bit flexible in terms of time, the bad weather front can still be waited for.

  27. Hello your 2,

    Many thanks for this great e-book and especially for the GPS data. We are sitting on the terrace of the L Arabesco in Progerola and enjoying a last wine of the day with a view of the sea.
    We hike the route with our 7 year old son and can only recommend the route if you are in good condition. Definitely get out of Amalfi (after a swim in the sea) and up to Progerola. The restaurants are still open in October, the food is inexpensive and delicious compared to Germany. Tomorrow we will cheat a bit and take the bus back to Amalfi to save us the 747 steps, but then it goes on again and we are looking forward to it ...... many, many thanks for your organization. .... without you it would not be so relaxed. Well signposted is something else… ..

    • Hi Ulli,
      great, thank you very much! Glad to hear that the hike can be done with children if you plan accordingly! Andreas had asked that a few months ago, maybe you read the comment above.
      Good hiking and good weather!

  28. Hallo,

    we have just returned from the Amalfi Coast, which we hiked according to your tour suggestion. After we came across this page by chance, we completely changed our planning again and didn't go to Mallorca, where we actually wanted to walk part of the E221 - we were so impressed by the pictures and descriptions of the Amalfi hiking trail. And it was really worth it - we were absolutely thrilled.
    We took the night train from Munich to Rome and continued from there in about 1 1/2 to Salerno. We found this type of travel to be very convenient and time-saving, especially since we like to avoid flying for ecological reasons if possible. Since we were already there at noon, we wanted to start right away. But since it was a bit late for the long stage of Raito, we took the bus to Cetara and from there we walked to Maiori in about 5 hours, also a very beautiful and particularly lonely section of the route. After that, we largely followed your tour suggestions. We started on the Sentiero degli dei before sunrise, so we almost had it to ourselves and the day was also good enough for the extension of the stage above Positano. We found this part even more beautiful than the Sentiero degli dei. This endeavor almost failed due to one of the many forest / wildfires that we observed during the week. The fire went all the way, but the fire department waved us on and we could even watch the helicopter fire fighting. Pretty exciting.
    Instead of in Schiazzano, we stayed at the campsite in Marina del Cantone in a bungalow. We found it very nice there and also had another opportunity to swim in the still very warm sea. In Sorrento we made a worthwhile detour to the Bagno Regina, a lagoon bordered by rocks that is only connected to the sea by a small hole. Beautiful.

    Thank you for your great page, which gave us the inspiration for this unforgettable holiday and your careful work, which made planning and implementation very easy for us!

    Kind regards from Amelie

    • Hello Amelie,
      thank you for your great feedback. You are right: I should definitely mention the arrival by train on the page. Not a really good option for us from Hamburg, but from Munich by night train, that's a good idea!
      Best regards

  29. Hello - a few weeks ago I hiked along the Amalfi coast following your stages and wanted to thank you for your very helpful website and the tracks. The area there is wonderful, the path is wonderfully varied and the Urlab was completely successful. Thank you for sharing your experience and lots of helpful information. A few impressions of the hike can be found here:

  30. Hallo,

    great sites that you post here on the web.

    We were hiking from mid to late October 2017 in perfect weather on the Amalfi Coast.
    Day 1: Flight to Naples and overnight stay there.
    Day 2: By train from Naples to Vietri sul Mare. From there hiked over the Monte dell Avvocata to Maiori.
    Day 3: From Maiori (via Minori and Ravello) to Pogerola.
    Day 4: Rest day in Pogerola. Visit to Amalfi (by bus).
    Day 5: Hike from Pogerola (via San Lazzaro) to Agerola.
    Day 6: Hike from Agerola (via the Sentiero Degli Dei) to Positano with enough time to indulge in all the tourist amenities in Positano after arrival, check-in and "urbanizing".
    Day 7: From Positano (via Monte Comune and Monte Vico Alvano) to Piano the Sorrento (Colli San Pietro).
    Day 8: Hike from Piano di Sorrento (Colli San Pietro) to Marina del Cantone. From the Marina del Cantone by bus to Termini (for the route from the Marina del Cantone to Termini we would otherwise have had to hike the connecting road all the time, which we didn't feel like doing).
    Day 9: Morning short hike without luggage from Termini to the chapel of San Constanzo and to Monte San Constanzo on Punta Campanella with a great view of the Amalfi coast and Capri. Started in the late morning from Termini to hike (via Massa Lubrense) to Sorrento. Arrived there so early that we were able to indulge in all the tourist amenities in Sorrento after arrival, check-in and “city dressing up”.
    Day 10: With a shared taxi - there are also bus, train and even boat connections - drove from Sorrento to Naples and flight back to Germany.

    Very great long-distance hike in a great landscape with magnificent views from above, with friendly people and always with very tasty food. In the tourist places you can indulge in all the amenities of the tourist infrastructure. But if you go a few steps out of the village, you are immediately alone - with the exception of the Sentiero Degli Dei. You “pay” for all of this with a decent amount of altitude and seemingly endless steps. The stairs can really pull your nerve, because with each step you have to convert your own and backpack weight over the thigh muscles into heights (centimeters) and the thigh muscles are challenged like a step machine in the gym. My tip: take telescopic walking sticks with you; helps enormously with the steps, because you can bring part of the upward force required from your arms if you push yourself upwards from the loops of the sticks.

    • Hello Martin,
      Thank you for your detailed report! Extending the hike to 10 days is certainly a good thing!
      I already had the notice with the telescopic walking sticks on the side, but probably hid it a bit. I have now placed this more prominently.
      Greetings from Hamburg!

  31. Hello!

    After hiking to La Gomera this year (thanks for the great description and planning help :)), I came across this hike. Is the path also suitable for hiking with a dog or are there accommodations where you can also spend the night with a dog?

    Kind regards Katharina

    • Hello Katharina,
      We are pleased to hear that you are now considering walk no.2 after La Gomera :-)
      There are enough dog-friendly hotels on the Amalfi Coast or even their own on Filters and searches for pet-friendly hotels.
      For the accommodations we recommend, those on stage 3 (Nido Verde and Casa Pendola) and stage 4 (B&B Villevieille) classified as pet-friendly. On the other stages, you would probably have to switch to other accommodations.
      I cannot judge whether the many stairs are a problem for your dog, it probably depends mainly on the size of the dog and whether he likes to climb stairs. At that time, however, we had a dog as a companion on one of the stages, who accompanied us all day from the accommodation to the destination: When we arrived totally broke, he ran all the way back on the same day :-)
      Best regards!

  32. Hallo,

    we plan to hike the Amalfi Coast in May…
    After the hike we want to relax on the coast for a few more days. Does anyone have any idea where we can put our luggage in the meantime?

    Thank you

  33. Hallo,

    I just came across your website looking for a topic because I have had the path of the gods on my screen for a long time. Can you get through English on the route? Unfortunately I don't speak Italian and apart from German only English and a little Spanish.


    • Hello Sven,
      I think you get along well with English. The area is well prepared for foreign travelers. In my opinion, English is spoken in the accommodations without exception. And there is still an emergency :-)

  34. Hello, and thank you for this great website! As we have already booked the flight and some of the accommodations, we will start at the end of June 2019.
    With your pre-planning I am actually not worried, I just read from other hikers that the 5th stage at / around Torca should be overgrown. How do I imagine that? Are you struggling on the slope through the undergrowth hoping to find the right path? We will not take the bus to Colli San Pietro. Maybe someone has current experience? I definitely download the GPS tracker as an app on my smartphone, but I don't really trust my network provider and wanted to know whether it is possible to find the way without GPS?

    • Hello Steffi,
      my own hiking experiences there are a bit behind. But I see the greatest difficulty in terms of orientation and possible undergrowth Waypoint 8 and Waypoint 9, So it's a relatively short piece.
      Basically, in stage 5 it already applies that you cannot rely on a path marking and therefore depends on the GPS route. If you download the route and the map material beforehand, you are independent of the network provider. GPS works via satellite signals and therefore without a network.
      I am happy to accept more current assessments of the section behind Torca!

      • Hello Steffi,

        I just wrote a comment on your concern. And yes, it was exactly what you fear. We were there in late April and it was really overgrown so that we got lost.
        Our GPS on the cell phone did not work, which is why we had to run almost blind.
        My only tip would be: Don't descend down! The path is too steep and dangerous!

        LG Lena

  35. Dear Frank!
    We want to tackle the path in late May / early June! Your homepage is a hit, really great!

    Can you swim in the sea at this time?

    We only travel with hand luggage, it should go out! Do you know if you can take trekking poles apart in your backpack?

    Many greetings

  36. Dear Frank,

    1000 thanks for your super informative, very good and clear and with a lot of passion designed page, I feel every second day on it and read. We fly to the Amalfi Coast from April 2 to 2, 11 and want to go on the tour as well. Since we only arrive in Naples in the afternoon, we stay the first night in Salerno and explore the area the next day and then walk to Albori. If we book something through, we do it through your page, the tips are just wonderfully helpful and personal experiences are worth many times more than advertising promises on any flyers. I am also impressed by the great response here on the site and we have already been able to benefit from these tips (we will try to find the climb from Montepertusso to the higher path). I had bought the “Compass Penisola Sorrentina Costiera Amalfitana” card in advance and I can only advise against buying it. The area on the map (Amalfi Coast, Naples, Vesuvius) is simply too large and the map is not detailed enough. We will work with your GPS data and buy a map on site. Until then, thank you for your page, which makes the preparation a lot easier for us!

    Kind regards from the Sauerland

    • Dear Nicole,
      I haven't received such a detailed compliment for a long time - many, many thanks! It is very nice to notice when others share my enthusiasm for hiking and also find my website great.
      I am not only interested in outdoor topics but I also enjoy using the technical and practical advantages that an online hiking guide has compared to a conventional, printed hiking guide. So therefore: interactive / zoomable maps, a very precise one height profile, Links to bus timetables with visualized route…
      Have fun in April!

  37. Hello Frank,

    a big THANK YOU for the great tour description. We enjoyed the hike in November 2018. It was just wonderful, but it also had great weather.

    @ Steffi H. a tip for the 4th stage:
    We hiked all the way from Bomerano to Positano (in one day). Is doable, but came into the dark and that was a shame. Sure, it was November, so think about headlamps at this time. This second part, which falls away when you take the bus, is also a wonderful hike. We would now split this stage over two days so that you can fully enjoy this route. It is really worthwhile. For this we would leave out the 6th stage, or take another route - maybe directly along the sea, because you hardly have a view on the route described (only at the end).
    The 5th stage was very ingrown with us, super lonely, but also had its charm.

    Next we want to go the Trieste tour. We will be happy to pass on our impressions again.

    • Hello Beatrice,
      Thank you for your feedback, especially about the long panorama version of the 4th stage. I think it's great when the hiking route is further refined and improved by others!
      And of course I'm looking forward to your feedback on Trieste-hike - We have added them to the program from scratch.

  38. Hello Frank!
    I think your site is really great. I will walk the path with my mother and I am really looking forward to it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your impressions, tips and experiences!
    Greetings from Berlin

  39. Hello Frank,

    we are fresh back from the wonderful hike along the Amalfi Coast and would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your efforts to prepare everything so wonderfully for every reader. We met 6 other hikers from Germany and Switzerland on our hike and everyone knew your side, that is probably very meaningful.

    Since here and there were questions about culinary highlights, I would like to briefly introduce our highlights to you. We were the first night in Salerno and ate in the evening in front of Salumeria del Corso, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 64 (you can also find them on Facebook, where the table with the daily specials is photographed every day). The young men there are very friendly and relaxed. We had a cheese and ham platter, white wine, bread, lettuce and fried vegetable balls and everything was very tasty and for a fair price.

    The next day the "MamaRosa" restaurant in Via Alberto Pirro 82 was outstanding. A lot of locals eat here and there are excellent dishes with seafood or fish variations. It is not a fine restaurant but simple and practical, but of very good quality! Then we went for a hazelnut espresso in the Sto Rac le Nock in Via Dei Principati 9. It is a small standing cafe with very nice service.

    To shorten your first stage a little bit, we hiked to Albori the next day (well, better to take the bus because we got lost right away :-). The B&B aeternitas has the ideal starting point for the first stage and a very nice terrace. Since no one lives there, the breakfast is very spartan and packed but you have a great view. There is a Bruchetteria in Albori, but we didn't try it due to tiredness.

    In Maiori we were in the HotelRosa, which was very practical because we were soaking wet on arrival and were able to dry our things in the hotel room and on the balcony. The hotel is quite good for the price and the breakfast was also good, they advertise on their website that they offer a good price if you write to them directly and we were satisfied. In Maiori we went to the Gusto Artigianale in Via Casa Mannini 13. Don't be alarmed ;-) it's Brazilian street food (we didn't want pizza and pasta every day) and they have really delicious burgers, homemade French fries and a really great cappuccino and espresso , great salads and pastries. We were there twice.

    In Amalfi we stayed right in the city and with the Hotel Amalfi we found a good and affordable hotel. The bathtub was extremely good for our limbs ;-) and the roof terrace where breakfast is served is very nice, the cappuccino was very good and the breakfast was extensive. In the evening there was a pizza that was okay, nothing more but nothing less. However, we ate a very delicious ice cream at Andera Pansa's Cioccolato on the main shopping street. Since it was so great, also twice :-)

    In Bomerano we stayed at B&B A2 pasi dagli dei with the friendly and fun Maddalena. Since we had already stocked up at a salumeria in San Lazzaro, there was a small picnic in the evening on the very nice panoramic terrace recommended by Maddalena.

    In Colli die San Pietro we had our most beautiful accommodation and the dearest people in B&B L'Angolo die Campagna. Pink is wonderful! She conjured up such a lovely breakfast with fresh, home-grown ingredients, which we were able to enjoy on the terrace belonging to the rooms with a view of Sorrento, the sea and the gardens. If I hadn't pre-booked everything, we would have stayed here for a while. In the evening we were in the Zio Sam restaurant and had a good meal with very friendly waiters.

    In Schiazzano we were also in the Lubra Casa Relax. Since it was relatively cold and of course still early in the season, we could not use the terrace or the bar. The rooms are very tasteful and of high quality.

    From Sorrento, we went directly to Naples by ferry and there we spent 2 more days. All in all a very nice route hike with very nice views, wonderful encounters, culinary highlights and physical challenges!

    Thank you very much for your inspiration
    Nicole and Uwe

    • Dear Nicole and Uwe!
      Thank you for your mega-detailed feedback! It's great that you took up the question of restaurant recommendations. It's just fun to notice that I'm not alone with my enthusiasm for such hiking tours :-)

  40. Hello Frank!
    THANKS again from me for your side.
    We'll start next week.
    I'm really looking forward to it.
    However, I am currently not quite 100% fit and I am concerned with the idea of ​​a 6-hour tour right at the start.
    How could we shorten the first day without missing something spectacular?
    Do you see a possibility?
    Kind regards

    • Hello Suzanna,
      if you want to shorten stage 1, from Salerno I would first take the bus to Maiori, store your luggage there and then walk stage 1 backwards and turn around at the pilgrimage church. For ascent and descent, you can even take different routes from Maiori (the dashed routes on the map), so that you more or less take a circular hike and are on the first day with little luggage.
      Alternatively, one could think of Salerno to Erchie drive. From there there should also be an ascent to the pilgrimage church. Or you choose the variant with less vertical meters rather parallel to the coast (again the dashed paths). I checked both variants on Google Maps in the satellite view - looks technically feasible in any case, ie the paths definitely exist.
      I hope this helps!

  41. Dear Frank,

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    One more question about water supply:
    Drinking water points are drawn on the cards.
    The water from the tap in Italy is still not drinkable.
    Did you still fill up your bottles there?

    Kind regards from Naples,

    • Hello Suzanna,
      the drinking water points from the open street map map material are really real drinking water wells in my opinion. One of them even made it onto my website with a picture: on stage 5 in Torca:-)
      In my memory that was the only place where I was dependent on such a well. In Italy you can actually buy the large 1,5 liter drinking water bottles in every bar and in many restaurants and you don't have to worry about chlorine water ...
      Have fun hiking!

  42. Hi all,

    we were from 19.-27. April 2019 on the go. We had two nights in Positano, which is definitely recommended for this special city.

    This trip was one of the greatest we've ever done and definitely recommendable.

    However, we would like to issue a warning (and as I read, others felt the same way): Stage 5 from Torca was extremely dangerous during our hike! We are both experienced hikers and were really scared for the first time at this point. In the hiking description on the website, a pine grove is mentioned, which you should use as a guide. The part afterwards was so overgrown that the paths were no longer recognizable and one had to fight through tall grass and thorns. Again and again we were on the wrong track, because obviously other hikers could no longer orient themselves in front of us, and we followed their tracks and then had to turn back. Ultimately, we found a "path" that was "marked" with red and white ribbons on the undergrowth and led very steeply down to a bathing bay. This way down is definitely not recommended. The slope was very steep and slippery from the dry grass. We slipped several times and were totally scratched by the undergrowth. There was no way to get help anywhere.
    Before we followed this path, we also followed a red and white marked path that led upwards. Maybe that would have been the right way to Schiazzano. We are reversed, however, because this path was also very overgrown and was no longer really recognizable as a path.

    We later had our hostess (who then picked us up at the bottom) tell us that this is the time of year when everything is growing rapidly and especially in the more remote places you can't keep up with keeping nature in check.

    If you exclude this part of the trip, it was a very special experience, as I said, that I would definitely recommend to fit hikers!

    • Hello Lena,

      Thank you very much for your feedback, which I took as an opportunity to Directions from stage 5 adapt and point out the danger point. Our hike was 3 years ago, even then this section was the most confusing. All the more valuable is current information about the state of the paths, thank you!

  43. Hello, dear hikers! Thank you for creating this great hiking site, which you put together with a lot of love and effort. I would like to ask you which measurement you used to specify the heights and distances.
    Greetings and once again “thank you” for the many tips!

  44. Hello Frank,
    I took the path from May 11.05th to May 18.05.19th, 5 and would like to describe the current state of the 300th stage from Torca, also as an answer to Lena. The path is equipped with new red and white color markings, which may not have been applied until after Lena's hike. The junction at the end of the lower part of the small pine grove cannot be overlooked. There the CAI355 branches off with red and white color markings to the bottom left, while the CAIXNUMX leads to the top right. This path is marked with red dots every few meters.
    Of course, the route of stage 5 is very unspoilt and close to nature. But that's exactly what I thought was great. At no point did I find the 5th stage dangerous.

    • Hello Peter,
      Thank you for your current assessment of stage 5! I have meanwhile emphasized in the route description that the option "Turn right onto the CAI-355" is the better option and the descent to Marina del Cantone on the CAI-300 should be avoided if possible. With her feedback, Lena explicitly referred to the descent. It is important to find the right junction at waypoint 8 and not to accidentally continue on the CAI-300.

  45. Hello Frank,

    we were from April 13th to 20.4th on the way. We had a wonderful time and thank you very much for the many information we found on your hiking description.
    It was a lot of fun. We will certainly do one of the other hikes too.

    Thank you very much!!!!

    Dana and Ludger

    • Hello Dana and Ludger!
      Thank you for your kind feedback! I am very happy that you had a wonderful hiking holiday!

  46. Dear Frank!

    We walked the trail in late May / early June and funnily even met two other hiking couples who started the trail on the same day! Since bus number 1 in Salerno just drove past us (tip: you have to step onto the street and signal by waving that you want to get in), the four of us shared a taxi to Raito, otherwise we spent an entire hour should have waited! As a result, a wonderful hiking friendship has developed! Kind regards to Ingrid and Robert if you read this! :-)

    The hike is just fantastic! It was actually my best vacation ever! Thanks Frank for all your tips and information! Your booklet and GPS data were included every day!
    Speaking of GPS files: I personally would not take the route without a cell phone and GPS data, the marking is often poor to none at all over long distances and the branches are often not clearly recognizable! Using GPS data, it was all a no brainer and made the hike so much easier!

    Also from our side a note on stage 5: we descended at the junction to Marina del Cantone because we wanted to spend two days at the sea. The small fishing village by the sea is fantastic and highly recommended, especially in the pre-season, but not the way down. The first part of this section was apparently just freshly marked and the tall grass was removed. From the middle of this section it gets really steep, overgrown and thorny - you can no longer see where you are going, you cannot hold on downhill and the earth there is very slippery. In addition, there are a lot of snakes and we almost stepped on a very large specimen. We got scratched and annoyed! All in all, therefore, anything but funny! If it doesn't have to be, you should avoid this descent!

    A note: we carried almost 3 liters of water with us every day because we didn't know if there were any opportunities to refill the water bottles in between. However, since there were at least two sources on each stage, this was not necessary at all.

    Kind regards and thanks again!


    • Hello Barbara,
      Thank you for your great and detailed feedback!
      I have included your note on "waving at the bus stop" in stage 1.

  47. Dear Frank,
    yesterday we came back from our hike on the Amalfi Coast.
    First of all a huge thank you for this homepage! Without your extensive reports, plans, tips etc. and without the many testimonials, our vacation would certainly not have gone so smoothly and beautifully.
    I can also say that it was one of our best vacations!

    We hiked the first stages exactly as you suggested here. We were on the road for a total of 7 days. Some changes have occurred:
    We definitely didn't want to take the bus, but we weren't sure if we could do the long variant of stage 4. That is why we made a stop in Santa Maria del Castello, which can be highly recommended. We spent one night there in a beautiful, very old but well-prepared agriturismo (The Broom). After climbing the path of the gods from Montepertuso we climbed up to the rock hole and had a wonderful place for the lunch break. Then we descended again to Montepertuso and from there we climbed through the Valle Pozzo to Santa Maria del Castello. This path was more or less well marked, but fallen trees and overgrown paths brought us to our limits. The great thing about this ascent is that it can be enjoyed almost exclusively in the cool shade.

    After spending the night in Santa Maria del Castello, we descended via Monte Commune and Monte Vico Alvano to Colli di San Pietro. This was our smallest tour in terms of kilometers, but unfortunately it was completely unrelaxed due to overgrown paths. My husband was also allergic to all the vegetation, was soon overlooked with many small pustules and so we cursed quite a bit, because we constantly had to fight our way through meter-high ferns, paths overgrown with thorns. We arrived in San Pietro, completely scratched and bloody.
    So we took the time to study experience reports and the map again and decided differently for the next stage. We were so "afraid" of overgrown paths that we could not imagine going the suggested ways. We decided to go from Colli di San Pietro via Sant 'Agata to Termini, which is completely relaxed and very well marked. You always have views of Sorrento, the Gulf of Naples and also towards Salerno.

    After an overnight stay in Termini we climbed up to Monte San Constanzo, which we really, really recommend. The view from up there goes back over the whole tour and it is very idyllic and cozy up there. We then decided to go down to the sea again. That went very comfortably via Termini and Nerano to Marina del Cantone. From there we went back up to our last overnight stay in San Francesco.
    There we stayed in a brilliant agriturismo The Convent with super delicious dinner (everything homemade, planted, bred - the sausage was from our own pigs and a very delicious own wine. Limoncello and tangerine liqueur). It was just a wonderful last evening and the next morning after the best breakfast of all accommodations (home-made bread, rolls and cakes, sausage and cheese, lots of fruit, our own jams, delicious cappuccino) we went to the harbor in Sorrento from where in just under an hour from we took the ferry to Naples.

    Overall, I would definitely not recommend going without GPS. The vegetation is still very lush at this time of year and the waiting staff do not seem to be able to keep up. The trails are not always well marked. Sometimes you just don't see a turn.

    The views on this tour are indescribably beautiful. Again and again the sea, the mountains, Vesuvius, the many picturesque places, beautiful churches and monasteries. And the evenings after the tours are shaped by the dolce vita! We really enjoyed that.

    We would always hike the tour the same way, although one actually tries to increase the length and difficulty of a long-distance hike during the tours. We found the first stages more exhausting than the stages at the tip of the Sorrento peninsula. But I also think that if you walk around like this you always have the sea in front of you and I would also call it more beautiful around it.
    We can also recommend the "Gulf of Naples" hiking guide from Rother with GPS data. He helped us a lot with the “rescheduling”.

    Thanks again to all reviews and especially to you Frank!

    Kind regards

    • Hello Maren,
      Thank you also for a detailed report and the many tips! I once allowed myself to link the accommodations you recommended directly in your comment. I also have your recommendation for an overnight stay in Maria del Castello Stage 4 recorded with.

  48. Hello Frank.
    I am an enthusiastic reader of your forum and have already written to each other where you advised me not to go on the tour with a knee problem.
    knee problem fixed again fit.will start with the tour in September and exactly as you described.
    the 5 stage, which according to experience reports should be overgrown, we will probably drive around by bus ...
    one more question: if we stick to the tour with hotels etc. how much will the 7 days cost approx. .flight and eat extra
    Thanks in advance and a nice summer lg mathias

  49. Hello Frank,

    First of all, I join everyone else: Great site that you have created here and above all the many testimonials with the many helpful tips!

    We came back on Saturday and originally wanted to run the first 4 stages completely and travel on from Positano (Capri - Sorrento, then train to Naples). However, I have to point out that the temperatures and the vegetation from mid / late June should not be underestimated. We knew beforehand that it would be hot, but luckily, as Barbara described, there are a lot of smaller sources (enjoyment at your own risk, we just drank it). What we completely underestimated is the often catastrophic maintenance of the hiking trails. I do not know how Barbara and Maren fared on this stage, but after we started in Raito, the path was overgrown until just before Albori. Tip on the side: Unfortunately, line 1 does not run on Sundays and the other bus line only goes to Vietri Sul Mare. We walked from there to Raito, which was not particularly nice from the route because it was directly on the road, but it didn't take very long. After Albori the path was really nice for a while until you had to climb the direct path up to the saddle at the water point. I can only say: We would have very much wanted a machete! Until the CAI300 long-distance hiking trail was reached, it was an ordeal that was second to none. The "way" was completely overgrown with partly breast-high grasses and thorns and without the GPX data we would still be walking around there. I can exactly agree with Maren's report in the third section. From allergic reactions to bloody scratches and ticks, everything was there. Itchy legs have been a constant companion for the rest of the vacation. The CAI300, on the other hand, was very well developed and the view from the pilgrimage church was simply fantastic (by then the mood had improved again). The descent was good for the most part, but it was overgrown again from HM 700 to HM 400. The hundreds of steps to Maiori ended up giving the rest to my partner, so that she arrived in Maiori with trembling legs.
    The next day we did not begin to think about another hike in the morning. Instead we cooled our legs in the sea (Maiori has a very nice beach) and took the bus via Minori (recommendation pastry shop Sal ​​de Riso) to Amalfi. In Amalfi the hiking fever caught us and we walked the last few meters to Pogerola up a beautiful staircase (something around 800 steps). In Pogerola we stayed in the recommended Villa Maria, which we really liked.
    On the third day it was already very warm at 7 a.m., so we switched to the good bus system again. The buses were almost always on time and extremely inexpensive during our tour. After a visit to Ravello we drove to Bomerano in the Casa Pendola, which I can only recommend (great pool).
    On the fourth day we hiked the Sentiero Degli Dei (we met other hikers for the first time) which we really liked. Via Montepertuso (delicious lunch snack in the supermarket on the market place) we walked the signposted stairway to Positano and drove by ferry to Capri at noon.

    All in all, I would recommend everyone who reads to do the complete hiking tour in spring or autumn, unless you start the stages in the morning at 5 a.m. or love to sweat through several T-shirts a day and in Amalfi and Positano from tourist crowds to be overrun. We were almost the most happy about the tips for overnight stays outside of these towns, apart from the very important GPX data on day 1.

    Thanks again Frank for the great site and to everyone else who wrote something here!

    Best regards,


    • Hello Nico,

      Thank you for your detailed experience report! It's a shame that you had such problems on stage 1. However, I am hearing for the first time from the overgrown hiking trails on stage 1. If the feedback on this accumulates, I will add a corresponding note to stage 1.
      Our own hiking experiences on the Amalfi Coast are now 3 years ago. It is therefore great that current information about the route conditions is reported here via the "Forum" and the tour description remains reasonably up to date.

  50. Hallo,
    we may plan a hiking holiday on the Amalfi Coast in September. Now because of the great comments here, I have a little "respect" for the altitude, stairs, etc. I'm a "beginner hiker". Are the tours manageable even for beginners?

    • Hello Rita,
      if you are basically in good physical shape, there is nothing in my view as a "beginner hiker" against the hiking route. If you want to defuse the route a bit: Since stage 1 is the one with the most elevation gain (and the longest in terms of hiking time), you can consider the suggestions that I have made further up have already submitted. From stage 2 there is then, in case of doubt, the option of shortening the tour (bus trip etc.). This is not possible on stage 1.
      Otherwise it is of course important to keep your luggage to a minimum (approx. 10 kg, you can find tips under and to familiarize yourself beforehand with the topic of GPS navigation.
      I hope this helps you further!

  51. Hello Frank,
    first of all the obligatory praise and my deep thanks for your website. As an active hiker, I hardly know of a site that is operated in such a dedicated, loving and complex manner. Great!

    I am currently planning a 1-week hike on the Amalfi Coast for a small group and myself for mid-May 2020. I would like to do the same with your group. However, we have the plan to spend the entire time in a holiday home near Praiano and take us daily to the stages by bus / taxi and have it picked up.

    Based on the experience reports found here, I am now worried that we will also find overgrown and hardly accessible paths. That would be problematic with my group for various reasons and could lead to the termination of individual participants. So I would like to avoid the risk if at all possible. Do you or maybe one of your readers have a recommendation whether we should avoid stages or partial stages and whether there are alternatives? How much have the paths generally grown in mid-May?

    I am grateful for any information.

    Thanks again and best regards

    • Hello Ponti,
      Thank you for your compliment :-) I do my best to look after the hiking trail "remotely", as far as this is possible. As a solution to your question, I have one separate page on the subject of "current route status" set up. I think that the overgrowth of the trails is very weather-dependent (rain + heat) and therefore different from year to year. I hope that you will receive a current assessment from hikers who are just ahead of you in early May 2020.
      As far as I know, the problem was only mentioned once in stage 1 (hike at the end of June). On stage 5, the assessment differs depending on the variant chosen, whereby I advise against descending into the bay anyway. If you are picked up by taxi anyway, Torca is a great hiking destination, so you can avoid the "unsafe" parts of stage 5.
      On the other stages, the condition of the trails has never been noticed negatively so you shouldn't worry too much here.

  52. Hi all!

    My partner and I will walk the hiking trail in late September - early October.
    What are the empirical values ​​with the weather conditions during this time?
    In addition, we only plan to hike armed with a tent and sleeping bag.
    Are there enough offers at campsites after each stage and if not, what about the possibility of spontaneously pitching your tent on the "pathside"?

    I would like to get your feedback. Many thanks!!


  53. Hello Frank,
    I just flipped through your website with enthusiasm! Well done!
    What I still lack is the more precise description of the hiking trails. So I mean, since I am not completely free from giddiness, I find it difficult to balance on a narrow path along the abyss. What is a sufficiently comfortable and wonderfully promising hiking trail for others is for me quickly an insurmountable balancing act along the abyss.
    Therefore, I still have a hard time assessing the route at the moment and would be happy to receive feedback on this.
    Kind regards

  54. Hello Frank!

    Thank you again for the information. After further research, I am now at the end of my planning and have shortened the path to 3 hikes, which comprise 4 stages. So I found a way to walk the path to Positano, taking into account the available campsites, and then to spend relaxing days in a village! Was a really nice thing: P But that would definitely not have been possible without this website! Many thanks :)

  55. Hello Frank,
    thank you for the great website. She made us aware of a new hiking destination that we probably wouldn't have visited otherwise. It was much nicer than expected !!
    Since we have benefited a lot from the experience reports, here is our diary (27.9. To 3.10.2019)
    After a week in Sorrento, we visited Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius and also hiked Monte S. Michele and the area around Sorrento. The big luggage stayed in the highly recommended B&B Relais Il Capitano (Airbnb)
    1. By bus to Massa Lubrense and then in the “opposite direction” to your planning via Marina della Lobra, Castello dell 'Annunziata, Termini to Punta Campanella and then to Schiazzano.
    Overnight stay in "Terrazza sul Golfo" - recommended
    2. Walk to S. Agata, take the bus to Colli di San Pietro and then along Tour 33 from the Rother hiking guide over Monte Vico Alvano and Monte Comune to S. Maria del Castello and over many steps to Positano. A great way with sensational views. Easy to walk and find. Partly due to tall fern.
    In Positano we had a house through Airbnb. Not cheap ... Positano is very busy. Next time we would stay in Monte Pertuso or Nocelle. Saves money and vertical meters.
    3. Via Monte Pertuso and Nocelle we went to the path of the gods. The view is awesome, the crowds on Sunday unimaginable. We took a higher path and came to Bomerano via "Madonna del Riposo". Next time we would go tour 24 out of the rother.
    The Casa Pendola was a very nice place to stay. We would have endured longer here. Agerola is a nice town to stay.
    4. First we went to S. Lazzaro and then via Tour 13 from the Rother to "Paradiso" and then via Pogerola (cocktail bar on the church square !!) to Amalfi. This variant runs through varied forest and mostly shady.
    We really liked Amalfi. We lived very nicely in the “Residenza Pansa” (
    5. We left Amalfi via the Valle dei Mulini (Rother # 15 - very nice) and walked via Pontone, Minuta and Scala (Dom) to Ravello and from there further along your planning to Maiori.
    "B&B Maiori" at is great.
    6. As published after Raito
    The "B&B Lungomare Centro" at Airbnb in Salerno is very appealing.
    Salerno is also worth at least one more night, which unfortunately we hadn't planned ...

    The return trip to Sorrento takes the train via Pompeii with a change of station to Circumvesuviana.

    We had very nice, sunny weather and only hiked in shorts and short sleeves. The summit was in clouds on the last day. As soon as we were in Salerno, a strong thunderstorm came down.

    We are planning another time, we liked it so much.

    The CAI hiking map provides a good overview, but by no means contains all the paths. Likewise the rother. Printouts based on OpenStreetMap (e.g. Inkatlas) are significantly more detailed. is a great help in confusing places.

    Very many greetings

    • Hello Gerrit,
      Thank you for your very detailed report! Nice that you hiked someone's way in the opposite direction. I am asked this from time to time and it is therefore helpful to be able to refer to your report here immediately.
      The topic “Printouts based on OpenStreet” is currently on my agenda. There will be news soon ...

  56. Hi Frank.
    The OpenStreetMap printouts are quite simple:
    Transfer the gpx file of the daily stage to Then select the map section appropriately (you can get by with the free version) and generate a colored .pdf. Maybe you can make the .pdf available for download? We had them printed in color on 120g paper in the copy shop and so we had durable cards. (The domestic inkjet printer is not waterproof)


  57. Hello Frank,
    Hello to the rest,
    Thanks from me for the great compilation.
    We have a small time challenge on our upcoming trip, arrival Sunday morning in Naples, departure on Thursday afternoon.
    My performance is stages 2-4 from Monday to Wednesday.
    Are the 6 hours of the first stage still possible on Sunday?
    Or are stages 5 & 6 or the excursions with a postponement (stage 2 on Sunday) more recommendable?

    Thanks in advance and best regards

    • Hello Bruno,
      the first stage is the one with the most vertical meters and thus the longest individual stage (so nothing for an afternoon hike). Stage 2, on the other hand, would also be feasible in the afternoon in the short variant (overnight stay in Amalfi instead of Pogerola). In addition, on Wednesday with stage 5 you will create the most beautiful (because loneliest) stage in my opinion. So from my side the clear recommendation to skip stage 1 and start with 2!
      Wish you a nice short trip!

      • Hello Frank,
        Thank you for your tips which we have implemented. We had four great hikes!
        Stage 2 is a good warm-up but also with shaky legs at the end. I am quite robust, but I used hiking poles for the first time in stages 2 and 3 and was grateful for them. It would have worked without it, but it was more pleasant with them.
        My recommendation for the Amalfi Coast is to enjoy the coastal towns from a bird's eye view but to avoid them for eating or spending the night. Amalfi was still going, but Positano was not really pleasant.
        We found the price / performance ratio above much better in a more pleasant, because more relaxed environment.
        We hiked classically with a map, if you can handle it it works well.
        All stages were great, I particularly liked stages 3 and 5, of course stage 4 is special, but it was overcrowded. Here I can recommend starting from Bomerano, after approx. 1,6 km, to leave the path of the gods and to follow the ridge of the hill that rises towards the sea to climb the rocks (easy to do). Here again there are special views in both directions of the coast.
        I have two basic recommendations.
        If you drive a bus, I would always choose the seat side to the coast to have an easier view, you should also drive there by the way ;-)
        In autumn you can collect figs, walnuts and chestnuts, which are practically at your feet.
        In Schiazzano we slept in the Lubra Casa Relax, they no longer offer gastronomy. But it is a great hotel with a very nice host and good breakfast, also normal coffee, but of course also the Italian versions ;-) We ate at L´Antico Scantiato 100m away, that was delicious and cheap.
        I would also definitely like to recommend the La Selva restaurant in Bomerano, a bit of a walk, but which hiker does not like that.
        We stored our luggage in Naples in the luggage warehouse near the train station, without any problems and relieving, but I would make a reservation in advance.
        Otherwise, off to the Amalfi Coast, it's worth it. And thanks again for your efforts and information.

        Best regards and fresh up,

  58. Hello Frank, we plan to do this hike in early May.
    Is there an organized luggage transport on site so that you don't have to carry everything yourself?

    Greetings from South Tyrol

    • Hello George,
      There is unfortunately no organized luggage transport on the Amalfi Coast for individual hikers to my knowledge. I could currently only refer you to one of our other hikes:, There you can also book a luggage transport along “our” stages.
      Greetings to South Tyrol!

  59. Hello Frank,
    From the home quarantine, I now have the opportunity to tell you about our experiences. We had already hiked parts of the stages last year on a vacation with our children (Path of the Gods and Monte Vico Alvano) so that my wife and I came up with the idea at the beginning of March 2020 due to the spontaneous cancellation of our planned trip to Israel, to walk the Amalfi hiking trail. Corona was already an issue, but at the time campaigns had far fewer cases than NRW (15 at the time of arrival), so Corona didn't stop us from traveling either. There were spontaneous cheap flights and plenty of accommodation on offer 2 days before departure. The journey by plane, bus and train to Salerno was quick, only at the train station in Naples you have to make sure you go to the right ticket machine ... In Salerno we had a cheap room in the "Grillo B&B" (bookable via right on the harbor and near the old town. The next morning I took the 5120 bus towards Positano, since unfortunately there was no direct bus to Raito on Sundays. At the 9th stop (at Google with Ss 163,53) we got out directly below Raito. You have to be careful with google maps to press the "stop" button in time before the right stop. From the bus stop you can go directly to the starting point of stage 1 via a few stairs - I guess it was 15 minutes extra time and almost 50-75 vertical meters. The stairs from the bus stop to waypoint 1 a little higher than Albori immediately make it clear that the stage will not be a walk. From Albiori to the Santuano della Madonna Avocata, stairs are spared for now.
    The view ranger was a great help to find the way, in some places you are quite helpless, without the GPS data we would often have gone astray. On the first stage we also met a large friendly dog ​​at waypoint 5 at the chapel. After a few pats and a treat, this dog followed us to the church for a period of 2 hours. At the church, an Italian hiker explained to us that this was a free-living shepherd dog that had been "at home" on the trail for some time. Only after he received no further treats during our break at the church did he leave us to look for new victims. My wife already wanted to take him home. The descent from the church (which you will always discover in the distance during the next stages) was very exhausting, due to loose leaves on steep slopes we kept slipping, I can only recommend taking hiking sticks with everyone. The last part (about 400 meters in altitude) to Maiori consists only of stairs, which do not correspond to the German "standard stairs", rather the levels are different, the stairs are partly in ailing condition and uncomfortable to walk. Our legs trembled when we arrived in Maiori. We found the first stage (below-average hikers who only hike occasionally) to be hard but feasible. The heavy backpacks in particular made it more difficult than a normal hiking tour, whereby our backpacks weighed less than 10kg each (with 2 liters of water each a little more). Overall, we needed 7,5 hours for the somewhat longer tour with quite a lot of breaks.
    In Maiori we were in the B&B "Casa Blu Cobalto" an apartment on the 5th floor of a high-rise building. Also a nice and cheap place to stay, if a bit noisy. I have to praise the food in the restaurant Mammato there we ate very tasty seafood.
    The 2 stage was relaxing compared to the 1 stage. The way over the Sentiero del Limoni to Ravello is also via a variety of stairs, but they are in good condition and easy to walk and also offer great views. In the Minori we encountered the special situation with the Corona Virus for the first time, the nice operator of a coffee bar at the church forced us to drink a high-proof schnapps before ordering the cappucini, for "disinfection". After a very nice break in Ravello we went back to Amalfi via steep and uneven stairs. With very long breaks (over 1 hour each) in Ravello and on the beach in Minori we needed 6 hours. In Amalfi we also had a nice place to stay, the somewhat hidden "Amalfi Luxury House" with a beautiful breakfast terrace and nicely furnished rooms. The prices were again cheap, which may also be due to the Corona crisis. On this day the curfew suddenly struck all of Italy, but luckily the restaurants were still open in the evening. The next day we were checked several times by Carbinieri, so we took the bus to Bomerano as a precaution. The bus ride on the Amalfitana in fantastic weather was also very impressive. In Bomerano we had the best B&B of our stay, "Divina Costiera". The hosts were incredibly nice and accommodating, the daughter of the house even wanted to lend us her car for an excursion. Due to the now closed restaurants, we were also able to eat with our hosts. We then walked part of the way from Bomerano via San Michele and back via the - aptly named - Parko Corona.
    The next day we went to Positano via the path of the gods. When we walked the path last October, we met a few hundred hikers, this year only one. All alone this was an absolutely dreamlike way. The descent from Nocelle via Montepertuso was also very relaxed, in Montepertuso we took “a stairway down” too early, but the stairs were freshly renovated and pleasant to walk.
    In Positano, however, the restrictions have fully taken effect, it felt like the zombie apocalypse, only closed shops and empty streets in this otherwise crowded city. Our hotel "Casa Guadagno" still took us in and had helpful tips ready. After an intensive search we found an open grocery store where we could buy bread and antipasti for an improvised dinner on the deserted beach. There we also received the news that our airline had canceled all flights and did not offer a replacement flight to Germany. So we unfortunately had to cancel our hiking tour after the 4 day. Fortunately, we were able to book an overpriced Lufthansa flight from Naples to Germany for the next day.
    Despite the many imponderables, it was a great vacation, thanks for this excellent website. Only with the information available here can you go on your trip without a care! In any case, we are "hooked" and will definitely try out the other tours now!

    • Hello Günther,
      that's a real adventure report! Nice that you came home well. Just a few weeks ago, you could hardly imagine such a scenario. The dynamics in the spread of the virus - and also in the implementation of countermeasures - have surprised us all. I hope you get well from the quarantine!
      Greetings from the home office in Hamburg

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