Stage 4: Overnight stay

Spoilt for choice: expensive hotels in Positano or a cheap alternative near Colli San Pietro?

Stage 4 ends in Positano - one of the tourist hotspots of the Amalfi Coast. For today's overnight stay we have to decide: do we stay overnight in Positano and accept the higher prices there? Or do we continue with the SITA bus in the afternoon to "Colli San Pietro", from where stage 5 starts the next day and where the accommodation prices are much cheaper than in Positano?

Finding a good and at the same time affordable accommodation in Positano is very difficult and actually only possible with a lot of advance notice or a lot of luck: For a decent double room, you usually have to pay at least 150€ during the season. Worth a try is the very individual Positano Suite B&B with only one room (double room from 180€, Positano Suite B&B) or the family-run Casa Teresa with a great view over Positano (Casa Teresa).

"Colli San Pietro" is the exact opposite of Positano: the district of "Piano di Sorrento" is a loose collection of houses without a recognisable centre. The biggest highlight is the view of the Gulf of Naples - and of course the proximity to Sorrento as well as the Amalfi Coast. Nevertheless, there is a rich choice of decent to good hotels and guesthouses:

  • The Villevieille B&B (top picture) is located directly below the main road, but is still surprisingly quiet, which is due to the fact that the rooms are all on the side of the house facing the valley. The owner is not necessarily very cordial, but the rooms are neat. The breakfast terrace with a view of the Gulf of Naples is great.
  • The Antico Casale Russo (second picture) is a great choice in a historical ambience, as long as you don't stay there at the weekend: That's when wedding ceremonies regularly take place.
  • Right next to the SITA bus stop is the 3-star Royal Hills Hotel with air-conditioned rooms (Hotel Royal Hills).

Despite the lack of a centre, there are some restaurants in Colli San Pietro, e.g. Ristorante Zio Sam or Ristorante La Rosa (both with pizzeria).

We deliberately chose not to stay overnight in Positano on our hike and instead took the scenic hike up Monte Vico Alvano from Colli San Pietro in the morning before stage 5 (see Hike to Monte Vico Alvano).

Overnight stay in "Colli San Pietro" at "B&B Villevieille": breakfast terrace in the morning sun with a view of the Gulf of Naples

The Antico Casale Russo is primarily designed for wedding celebrations - but it's also a great place to spend the night!