Current path condition - Please provide feedback

In spring, it can happen that the paths on the less frequented parts of the long-distance hike are somewhat overgrown. This affects stages 1 and 5, where some hikers have reported problems in the past in the months of May and June. Although the hiking trails are maintained by the Italian Alpine Association CAI (Club Alpino Italiano), it can still happen from time to time that you can't get away fast enough from the overgrown nature.

Therefore, all hikers after you would be very grateful for timely feedback on the current trail condition! Please leave a comment with the following information:

  • Hiking date
  • assessed stage (especially for stage 1 and 5)
  • current path condition:
    • Grade 1: can be walked with short hiking trousers without problems
    • Grade 2: good walking, but long hiking trousers are recommended
    • Grade 3: difficult to walk on even with long hiking trousers
    • Grade 4: heavy overgrowth, thorny bushes

Another source of information on the state of the trail (especially in the case of temporary closures) is the website of the local section of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) at


  1. Hello Frank,
    We ran stages 1, 2 and 4 from 7.3. to 12.3. when we unfortunately had to stop due to the situation (Corona Shut Down). The path on stage 1 behind Albiori from the turn-off WP 3 to the chapel was a bit overgrown and not easy (grade 2-3). In addition, some parts of the first stage were very slippery due to rain or parts of the path were washed away. From the chapel onwards, however, everything was easy again (grade 1).
    All other stages, however, were rated 1.

    • Hello Günther,
      Thank you very much for the first feedback on the trail! It's a shame that you had to stop the hike! Hopefully we will get the Corona virus under control again soon.
      Many greetings

  2. Hello!
    I hiked the Amalfi Coast alone for the last 6 days (long version). The GPS data was very valuable and helpful. Thank you again at this point. In addition, all paths were passable without any problems. Sometimes a bit overgrown, but no problem with shorts.

    The hike was really exceptionally beautiful and, with the exception of the "Path of the Gods", really very lonely.

    With Villa Pendola and Casa Lubre Relax, I have also taken two suggestions for accommodation. Really highly recommended.

    Thanks again for the valuable info.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

    Greetings from Capri

  3. @ Peter Reikersdorfer
    We were told that the path of the gods is partially closed due to a fire. From your description, I gather that the closure has been lifted again... am I interpreting that correctly? Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Michi,
      I hadn't even noticed the forest fire... But the closure seems to have been lifted again since 03.09.2020. Information on this in Italian can be found on the website of the municipality of Agerola:
      There it says (translated from Italian with Google Translate):

      For the reasons stated in the introduction, partial revocation of Order No. 83 of 31/08/2020, in the part ordering the closure of the pedestrian transit of the upper variant of the Path of the Gods (tiles 11 - 10a - 9a - 8a - 7), from Colle Serra towards Positano to the junction of the two high and low variants of the same path in Cannati, is hereby announced with immediate effect.

      The trail variants mentioned there refer to the CAI trail numbers 327 and 327a (upper variant). These differ only minimally. CAI 327a branches off at waypoint 2 and runs slightly higher than the actual trail for about 1 km. See info here:
      Many greetings

    • Correct. There was no longer a barrier. But I do remember the part that burned down. But it was probably not only here that there was a fire.... unfortunately, I have walked through burnt-out areas several times in recent days....

  4. Ciao

    I hiked along the Amalfi coast alone at the beginning of October, based on this beautiful suggestion - many thanks for that!
    The path was passable everywhere, although a bit overgrown (and lonely) in stage 1 and stage 5 (after Torca). Burnt places in stage 1 (before Maiori), 4 (Sentiero degli Dei) and 5 (between Torca and the pine grove), but all open and easily passable.
    Apart from the ones mentioned here, I can recommend these accommodations: B&B Palazzo Cocò in Maiori (at the beginning of the Sentiero dei Limoni, totally nice host) and L'angolo di Campagna in Colli San Pietro (super agriturismo near Rosa with a view of the whole bay of Sorrento and wonderful food, all fatto in casa).

    This hike is really worth it, picturesque villages and great views every day!
    Have fun all future hikers!


  5. Dear Frank
    From 11-16.06.2021, we hiked the route described by you (without stage 2) in very nice, dry weather. Except for the "sentiero degli dei", which seems almost overcrowded between Bomerano and Nocelle even at Corona times, we did not meet any other hikers. Trail condition:
    Stage 1: Grade 1-2, especially on the last section between Acqua del Castagno and the cultivated slopes above Maiori, the trail is easily visible or passable throughout, but overgrown on both sides with lush vegetation (nettles, ferns, brambles, etc.).
    Section 3: grade 1-2, short section after the stream before San Michele with lush vegetation. At the rocky step before Bomerano, the trail zigzags up shortly after the signpost (do not follow the tracks in the direction of the abandoned, formerly farmed stairs and dwellings on the rock faces).
    Stage 4: Grade 1, strongly committed
    Stage 5: Grade 2, paths are easy to find and follow. On the less frequented paths there are always sections with thorny bushes. Before the pine grove, we chose the new trail 355 for the ascent to the village, entry at WP7.
    Stage 6: Grade 1-2
    In general, a GPS with a hiking topo map is helpful. This makes it possible to find the way at critical points without a long search (maps are often inaccurate -> contour lines and the paths depicted on them do not adequately depict the conditions in the terrain and can lead to misinterpretations).
    Thank you for the extensive information and many tips on your website.
    Dear greetings

  6. We would like to do the Amalfi Coast on foot next year, so I have 2 questions. Are there any exposed areas? I'm not completely free from vertigo.
    And the second question: is there a possibility to transport luggage? We were just in the Valle Maira (Piemonte) and were able to have our luggage transported to the next accommodation each time and therefore only had to walk with our daypack,

  7. Hello Frank,

    I walked stages 1-4 of this beautiful trail on my own from 12-15.7. Your directions and GPS data helped me out a few times, many thanks for that!

    On the condition of the paths:
    Stage 1: a section between the Santuario dell' Avvocata and Maiori is quite overgrown, really exhausting with shorts, but the path is still easily recognisable, hence grade 2.
    Stage 2: Grade 1, all good
    Stage 3: CAI 361 is quite buried on a small section about 1h before San Lazzaro, there are large boulders on the path and a fallen tree. In addition, the steps are currently being renewed on a longer section shortly before San Lazzaro. According to the CAI, the path is not officially closed and is otherwise in good condition, grade 1.
    Stage 4: the Sentiero degli Dei was also more than well attended by me, one rarely had a moment to oneself, but condition grade 1.

    A quick word about the weather: it was warm, but with enough water, headgear and sunglasses it was very manageable, you never walk uncomfortably long in the blazing sun (at least not on the stages I walked :)). However, you should know your limits and perhaps take a break or two more, which is not so bad with this landscape and view.

    A really beautiful, scenic hike with lots of steps to climb and friendly helpful people along the way (I only met a handful of people on the way itself). I will definitely return to the Amalfi Coast or the Monti Lattari, there is still so much to discover there.
    Thank you again for your great work and inspiration.

    Kind regards

    • Hello Katharina,
      Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! I was just on holiday myself, so I'm a bit late with my answer :-)
      Many greetings

      • Hello everyone! My 73-year-old father very much wants to see the Amalfi Coast, but my mother has a strong fear of heights, which is particularly noticeable in cliffs and the like. From your point of view, is a trip to the Amalfi Coast possible with a fear of heights? Are there places without cliffs? Or beaches and villages that I can reach without roads that are right next to the abyss? Thanks for your help! LG Lisa

        • Hello Lisa,

          Your question probably does not refer to a hiking holiday but to a normal holiday on the Amalfi Coast, doesn't it? The tourist highlights "Positano" and "Amalfi" can only be reached by car via the spectacular coastal road - but this is not suitable for people with a strong fear of heights ( However, there is also the possibility of taking a boat trip there from Sorrento (numerous providers, from 45€ per person).
          You should especially consider the area between Massa Lubrense and Sant'Agata Sui due Golfi as an excursion destination. From there, you can drive by car (and sometimes by bus) from the hinterland to the cliffs and enjoy the view without the journey being too stressful. Even the hike to Punta Campanella at the top should be doable in my opinion, despite fear of heights (Link:
          The highlight of the Amalfi Coast is the "Sentiero Degli dei" - the Path of the Gods. If your father really wants to hike it, he should definitely do it without your mother (approx. 2 h with the SITA bus from Sorrento to Bomerano, return from Positano also with the SITA bus).
          So in short: If you select your excursion destinations selectively and prepare well (research via Google Maps/Streetview), it should still be possible.

          Many greetings

    • Hola Frank, antes de nada muchísimas gracias por toda la información. Vamos a Nápoles del 8 al 16 y nos gustaría hacer todo el trekking durante seis días. Me gustaría saber si los caminos están bien señalos y en qué estado están. Por otro lado si me puedo descargar las rutas de Wikiloc. Muchísimas gracias.

      • Hello Bea!
        The routes are actually quite well marked with red and white. However, I recommend that you download the routes as GPX files (here on the website). Then you should be able to easily import them into Wikiloc:
        Regarding the route: you can actually find the latest information here on this page. Yesterday I received an update by e-mail - so there are already people on the way before you :-) There is probably a small road closure on stage 3 (at waypoint 2). But this can be avoided relatively easily.
        Greetings and have fun!

  8. Hello Frank,
    thank you for the free GPS atracks, we just walked them (10-14.9.21) and found everything! Great trail .
    brief feedback on stage 3:
    We were able to bypass the first closure described above by giving the house owner 2 euros for the road before the closure, and then he let us through his garden. He seemed to be waiting for us. That saves a bit of road and steps.
    The section described above with the boulders and tree was blocked off this time, from below the boards were open, we just went through. At the top it was a very solid barrier and we had to take off our backpacks to climb around it. There must have been another fire there. So be prepared for detours.
    Stage 5: There was a forest fire in the area from Fiordo di Crapola onwards, and the shady trees seemed to have disappeared, making the section very sunny and hot from then onwards. There is vegetation here as mentioned above, but no problem at this time of year!
    Have fun with the other hikers

  9. I have received feedback on stage 3 by e-mail:
    ...Now, due to a wildfire a few days ago, the path to San Lazzaro is closed at stage 3 from waypoint 5 up the mountain. At the bottom the closure is broken up and at the top it is still closed. The path is partly full of rubble and it still smells very burnt.

  10. Hello all,

    Yesterday, 16.09.2021, I walked stage 3 and the path of the gods as a day trip. We were able to avoid the first closure - the house owner still lets you through his garden for 2 euros, so you get straight back on the path. In any case, very interesting guy :)
    Regarding the closure due to the forest fire: as described, the first closure has been partially removed so that you can climb through without any problems. The closed path can also be walked without any problems despite the forest fire, don't be afraid, it is only somewhat buried with plants and stones, but it is still no more difficult to walk on than other hiking paths. Here the path is a staircase, so there is no danger of slipping anywhere. So it's not dangerous. But you have to climb over the barrier at the end of the path - which is not a problem because you don't have to climb over it, but can simply "climb" past it on the side of the wall. So I wouldn't advise anyone to walk the trail who is generally fit enough to walk the stages :)
    Shortly before San Lazzaro, there was still construction work - we didn't ask if we could pass, but took a diversion via trail 361b (the turn-off before the zigzag before waypoint 6). This then rejoins the route at some point, but before that it goes spectacularly along the coast, you probably have an even better view than from the path of the gods, especially as you are completely alone here! I can only recommend this diversions in general - but it is very overgrown. Nevertheless, the path is easy to walk on, in shorts I only got a few scratches.

    Thanks in any case for the directions! It was a really great route. And also stage 3 via the path of the gods to Positano is well doable in one day, for those who perhaps have less time :)

    Kind regards

    • Hello Jana,
      Thank you very much for the quick feedback and it's great that the diversions via hiking trail 361b is even more beautiful than the path of the gods... Fine. Then everything seems to be in order for now. After a forest fire, there is always the danger that burnt trees can easily fall down along the path. Maybe that was the reason for the closure?
      Thanks in any case for your quick feedback!

      • It could be that it was closed because of this - unfortunately there was no information about this anywhere or a sign. I don't know anything about forest fires, of course, but it didn't look like trees could still fall onto the path. It looked more like the path was closed for safety reasons because of the difficulties on the path. For perhaps less adventurous people or perhaps older people who only expect stairs, the path is then a bit more difficult to walk on because of the climbing at the end. Sticks won't help you there. But of course it is up to each person to assess the danger, as one tends to walk past a barrier with a queasy feeling. I just wanted to report that we didn't have any problems :) Besides, after about 15 minutes you've already done the trail.

        • But you have to climb under a small tree propped up on the path, so maybe there is still a danger, but hopefully in the next few days the path will be cleared and secured to that extent!

  11. Ciao tutti,

    Short feedback on the current status on 27.9.: The construction site at the stairs is still closed, but easy to avoid, as it is only a short section. According to the sign, the closure will only be in place until 30.9.

    Thank you also for this great site!

  12. We hiked stage 3 today in the best weather. At the first closure, the friendly senior let us walk the diversions through his garden for 2 euros per person. On closer inspection, however, we are almost certain that the path would also be passable.
    The second closure due to bush fire did not present any dangers for us. You don't have to climb the wooden wall at the end of the closed section, because 20 m before it, a trail branches off to the right, which soon rejoins the hiking trail.
    The third closure/construction site is still there, but only 20 m long, and not a problem, at least not on a work-free Saturday. The alternative mentioned also sounds good to us, you save the climb to San Lazzaro.

  13. Just a note that I took the extended variant of stage 4 today. The proposed route out of Montepertuso is currently blocked by someone felling trees. Instead I took Via Campola up to see Il Pertuso (the giant eye in the cliff) which was very cool. The way down on the other side is a little tricky and very overgrown.

    Just after that, I took 331 north to meet up with the original route. The first half is very pleasant hiking, the second half (along a valley) is particularly difficult - very steep and muddy in places - I wouldn't recommend in bad weather. Might be easier to take 331b and ascend below Santa Maria del Castello.

    Overall really enjoyed it, Monte Commune is incredible. Thanks for everything!

  14. Hello all,

    after 2 years it was time again for the Amalfi coast^^
    Stages 1- 6
    Time: 11 - 16.10.21
    Basically, the red and white markings seem to have been mostly refreshed recently, partly I saw the colour on surrounding leaves, so in good shape.
    In the last few weeks it has rained quite a lot there, which has generally shown on the path, through alluvial material or sometimes a stone broken away, but uncritical.
    Stage 1: uphill 1 - downhill in between a bit overgrown and the path a bit fragile, for me still a 1
    Stage 3: as described above in the forest fire area, if anyone is interested I have taken photos of the barriers.
    The last stretch below San Lazzaro we were not allowed through the construction site, but a couple a few hundred metres behind us seemed to be able to pass. We just continued straight ahead along the marked path. It also offered beautiful views. The path is easy to recognise, there are (luck of the draw) no significant differences in altitude and it runs largely parallel to the rail that transports such a sledge, as in vineyards. The path is a bit rugged but OK.

    Stage 4: We ventured on the Höhenweg, an absolutely terrific and recommendable addition!!!
    Uphill, above Positano, the path was blocked by many trees, climbing over them was possible, we pushed some to the side, but once we had to crawl along on the ground under a Buam. We are in our mid-thirties, no problem for us...just for orientation.
    Attention: On the plain of Monte Comune there was a herd of cows including a bull. We went far around them along the fence. I'm always a bit cautious around animals.

    Stage 5: Somewhat overgrown on the half as two years ago, more like a 2nd stage.

    Compared to two years ago, parts of the path have deteriorated, occasionally stones broke out from under our feet (on old cobblestone paths) or the earthy path was quite sloping.
    But all in all once again top and no problems, except for the stairs ;-)
    Speaking of which, I made a few time-lapse videos down stairs. In case anyone wants to get an impression^^.
    Best regards

  15. Latest information from Jessy and Sebastian on stage 3 (reached me by email):
    At the height of waypoint 2 (Via Maestra dei Villaggi) there is a road closure, there are probably huge boulders in the way. You can still get through, but it is better to descend in good time via one of the staircases to the coastal road. If you want to be on the safe side, take the direct route along the road from waypoint 1 to waypoint 3.

  16. Hello Frank,
    Thank you very much for all the good information.
    The Amalfi Coast has been on my agenda for a long time and I have already downloaded everything.
    Now I have in
    Geo Saison 08/2021 read a report about (your ) hike
    I am hooked ,on 28.03.2022 it will finally start
    As you write, there are already a few on the way,
    I'm curious.
    The video climbing stairs can't stop me either
    Thank you, Hildegard

  17. Hello Frank

    Thank you so much for the great description of the Amalfi Coast hike!
    We have just hiked it, with some changes.
    About the long stage 4: It is well marked, the hike via Caserma Forestale, Santa Maria del Castello and Monte Comune is really great! We skipped Monte Vico Alvano and took pretty much 8 hours, and we are 65 and 66.
    Stage 5: The last 30-minute descent to Recommone is also freshly marked, the path is reasonably clear, but still long trousers! However, you should definitely follow the signs, there is also a warning from the CAI at the beginning of the route. We spent the night in Marina del Cantone and took the bus to Nerano the next morning to shorten the long stage 6 to Sorrento.

  18. just returned home from our 6 day hike from salerno to sorrento. great information. thankyou-couldn "t have done it without the support and info
    We did the walk more or less as presented with the following add ons.
    Day 1 . at the base of Monte Felario left our packs and climbed the 15 min to the top/ Amazing views.
    Day 2 we decided that we wished to include the fierre national park with waterfalls and river route into Amalfi. From Ravello left the recommended trail and walked via Scala and Minute into the park and river. Highly recommended .from the top waterfall the path follows 3.5 km straight into Amalfi. Added about 7 km and 400 m climb but the downhill is nearly all without steps. best part of the 6 days.

    • Hello Vaun!
      These are also interesting variants! Especially the "Valle delle Ferriere" was not yet on my radar. A very good idea! I'll have a look at that next time too.
      Many greetings

  19. Arrived in Sorrento today after six days on my feet. First of all, many thanks for the great directions and the GPS data, they were really helpful at some points!

    About the stages and their condition:

    Stages 1 and 2 without any problems, markings almost seamlessly recognisable. A small side note on the first stage: the stretch between Capella Vecchia and Santuario di Maria Santissima Avvocata took me much longer than your 30 minutes (more like 1h30min).

    On stage 3 there are some smaller and larger boulders on the stairway to San Lazzaro. No problem, it's easy to get around, but the Italians (at least the ones at the top) probably see it differently, as the path is barricaded with boards for about 2/3 of the way. You can climb around it, so you can get through. The part of the path above is being partly repaired, so maybe the lower part will be repaired and the sign will soon be superfluous. On the last third of the ascent to Bomerano, I took a wrong turn and ended up on the road, so stay alert.

    On the fourth stage I chose the long panoramic variant: highly recommended! Everything was very well marked, but overall it seemed to me that the markings were more reliable from the crossing to the Sorrento peninsula. For all those who, like me, arrive later (was down shortly before 18:00): The gate to the Antico Parco del Principe is already closed at this time. If you don't want to see the closed gate from a distance (like I did) and immediately turn around and then search fruitlessly for another exit: just before the gate is a switch that opens the door; an Italian-language sign also points this out.

    Stage 5: the descent from Torca is very overgrown, there should be a newer descent, which you will come across when you have done the worst, so perhaps look out for it in Torca. Further on, from the branching descent to Marina di Crapolla, the path is indeed somewhat overgrown. On the other hand, the descent to Recommone didn't seem much worse. Attention, the ascent AFTER the pine grove still exists - at least imaginably - and can be found quite well with red dots. However, it should no longer be a "deliberate" path; once you reach the top, you will be confronted with a continuous fence and signs indicating that it is private property and under video surveillance. You can get over the fence (I was visibly not the first), but the more legal option is to climb up to the signpost BEFORE the pine grove.

    Stage 6: no problems and the descent to Punta Campanella is highly recommended for the views of Baia Di Jeranto alone.

    • Hello Julia,
      Great, thank you very much for the detailed feedback! I have added the tip about the gate to the Antico Parco del Principe directly as a reader tip!
      Many greetings

  20. Hello Frank,
    We - that's Christa and Hubert Lechner, mountain-experienced hikers - hiked last week from Corpo di Cava to Punta Campanella and back to Sorrento.
    Thank you for the tracks and excellent descriptions.
    We chose the start at Corpo di Cava because we arrived in Naples by plane in the evening and then took the train to Cava de Tirreni.
    It's a great option for getting started. Condition - 1 very good , much frequented pilgrim's path, also worth taking the summit of Monte Dell' Avocata. Overnight stay in Tore / Maiori is top.
    Stage 2: Grade 1, break at Altrani with bath in the sea was great. Overnight in Pergorola - in a great location at B&B Arabesko with breakfast in the morning sun.
    Stage 3: Grade 1, The construction site after the climb to St. Lazarro is still there, but the construction workers let you through.
    Stage 4: As there was dense fog in the morning at S.Degli Dei (upper fog limit Bositano), we chose a variant above via Paipo - Madonna del Riposo-Capo Muro- Casarma Forestale - then ascent to the summit of Monte S.Michele - back to Forestale and on to S.Maria del Castello - overnight stay at Argritouristica la Ginestra, an ideal accommodation for this mountain stage. Thanks for the tip on this page!
    Stage 4 - continued the next day: Grade 1, definitely take Monte Vico Alvano - the view, especially of the north side, is magnificent, the large cross always provides a good orientation point.
    Stage 5 - From Torca - the path through the lush Maccia becomes difficult (grade 3), we had a GPS track here from the original CAI300 path and followed it to Marina del Cantone. Here there are already many "dead ends" in the Maccia - where hikers have gotten lost! Overnight tip: By the sea - Camping Nettuno, nice pebble beach and beach bars.
    Stage 6: - Here we followed the CAI300 and rejoin stage 6 at Mt.San Constanzo (grade 1) to Cap Punta Capanella. Return to Marina di Puolo, a beach frequented by locals. At the Hotel Villa Lubrense, directly above the cliff, we experienced the most beautiful sunset ... as an atmospheric end to the tour.
    Recommendation: We also used the Rother guide, which only describes circular tours.
    GPS orientation is an absolute must in my opinion.
    Even though we "skipped" the Way of the Gods and Positano, it was a great walking holiday in a lush, flowering macchia and cultural landscape.

    • Hello Christa and Hubert,

      Unfortunately, I am only now getting around to answering you. Thank you very much for your detailed description! I particularly like the variant for stage 1 starting at Corpo di Cava. It sounds quite logical and saves a bit of travelling. It's certainly a good alternative for other hikers!
      Many kind regards!

  21. Hello, we completed stage 1 yesterday. How exhausting! How wonderful! You could walk the path well, the plants are higher in parts, but we found it rather adventurous and wildly romantic. In any case, unproblematic. Long trousers - or an insect spray - are in order.

  22. Hello Frank!
    My wife Christine and I made your recommended 6 day tour from 07.06.22.
    First of all - it was WONDERFUL!
    Here are our directions:
    Stage 1: Grade 1, path easy to follow and easy to find in the forest, no problem
    Stage 2: Grade 1, very stair-heavy and therefore also easy to walk. The tip to go from Amalfi to Pogerola was very good and not so difficult because it was very shady in the afternoon and only easy steps/ramps that are easy to walk.
    Stage 3: Grade 1, was good to walk. The rockslides up from Lone are also not closed off and you can walk past them. The construction site after San Lazzaro was still there but easy to walk past. No diversions etc. necessary.
    Stage 4 (long var.): Grade 1 up to above Positano, a lot going on compared to before, but still little too back then I think. The long Var. over Monte Comune grade 3-4. You always have to look for the way between the ferns etc., but you can push the undergrowth away with your sticks, still a bit difficult. Thank goodness there was little thorny undergrowth, so the abrasions were limited. We were practically alone on this part, but it pays off!!! Be careful at the top of the large wooden cross, don't be distracted by the signposts just behind it. The turn-off is just before it on the left!
    Stage 5: Grade 2, but can be done with shorts. Very lonely, very beautiful views, but also very exposed and therefore very hot! You have to search a bit for the ascent to Torca. But with GPS it works.
    Stage 6 (long var.): Grade 1, no problem to walk, but up to Punta Campanella very stony and good footwear essential. Then towards Sorento no problem.
    The GPS data is indispensable from our point of view, as the markings are sometimes difficult to see if there were any.
    All in all, we enjoyed it incredibly well. It was really an experience! Thanks for your info!
    Best regards Hans and Christine

  23. Hello dear Frank
    Inspired by the descriptions on your homepage, we also set out on our journey and used the last two weeks of our summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg to do so. We hiked from 29 August and managed to brave the heat, taking a bath every day. We were also surprised how much shade trees or the walls of houses provided, which was very helpful.
    Many markings are new - we actually got through everywhere well, but a mobile phone with GPS or a hiking app is already necessary.
    1.Fortunately, we were able to start very early at two accommodation facilities, because breakfast was only available in the bar next door anyway, and so we had breakfast together with the rubbish men in Vietri and took the first bus at 6.35 a.m. (tickets are available in one of the ceramic shops the night before) to Albori. This roughly reduced the altitude metres of the first stage. We also found that the indication between Capella Vecchia and the yoke at the top is not correct, that sidn also according to the path sign at least one and a half hours, but wonderfully shady and with springs. At the end of our holiday we also saw the Santuario S. Maria Avvocata from Vesuvius - a highlight! But beware, because you always have to book Vesuvius summits online in advance. The way down from the Santuario offered several variations, we probably got lost once, but you can always see the destination somewhere below.
    2. lime path beautiful, Ravello as well, the tip with bathing in Atrani too. We stayed overnight in Amalfi, but that was not such a wise decision because of the tourist hype. We also regretted not having explored the hinterland of Amalfi, because the landscape is really ingenious. Maybe we should plan an extra day? In the town, we can recommend the free Antico Arsenale della Repubblica di Amalfi museum directly at the harbour, so that you can get an idea of the impressive maritime history in a nutshell.
    3. instead of climbing up at the end, we still descended to Conca and found this stage adventurous but very good. From Lone to the lower part of San Lazzaro everything was open, but it seemed to us to be rockfall-prone, many chunks lay on the path. From San Lazzaro down there is a footpath, in the upper part stairs without railings or edge wall, later over a meadow, orientation by the power poles. Conca was worth the detour.
    4. from Conca in the upper part of the village, the bus, which also starts in Amalfi, goes to Bomerano. The path of the gods was great. Unfortunately we skipped the hole in the rock above Positano in Montepertuso, which would have enticed us. Positano, on the other hand, was the next tourist shock. Fortunately, we stayed outside in the Agriturismo Piccolo Paradiso.
    You can reach Colle San Pietro by bus or shuttle from the agriturismo, or you can add the long stage.
    5. the entrance to the Sentiero delle Sirenuse was then good, but the markings are partly overgrown. Between Colli di Fontanelle and Torca there was a wonderful picnic spot, such a gem! The important thing is to follow the local signposts in Torca. The old path described in your stages is badly overgrown. Pinewood is an important destination point, because there are really some wrong ways. We then descended to Massa Lubrense - here, too, mobile phone and phone maps are helpful - and can also highly recommend this place as a stopover before Sorrento.
    We bought two of the hiking maps that were available in special shops. But since the paths are not marked more precisely there either, or again contradict other information, that didn't necessarily help either.
    Nevertheless, all in all a rewarding experience.

  24. A few experiences from the beginning of October 2022:

    Although early October is considered the low season, there was a significant problem with bus capacity. For example, we took the bus from Salerno to Amalfi at about 11 a.m. on a Friday. We were lucky to get on the completely overcrowded bus. At least 20 people were left standing. Next bus 1 hour later. On other days we always took very early buses, e.g. from Positano to Colli di San Pietro. And from Schiazzano, on the advice of our hosts, we didn't go to San Agata, but first down to Sorrento, because that's where the bus ride back to the Amalfi coast begins. We had chosen a connection where the next bus left half an hour later than the one we had planned. We only got on the second one. The bus did not stop until Colli di San Pietro and did not pick up any new passengers.
    An alternative is the excursion ferries. They don't run as often, but more people fit in than in a bus. But here too, be careful: Capri tours at weekends were sometimes sold out and the short routes, e.g. Maiori-Amalfi, are only sold shortly before departure when there is still enough space.

    Here is some more information on the variants we walked:

    We shortened stage 1 because we didn't want to do the longest route on the first day and the weather forecast had predicted dry weather only from midday onwards We therefore took the bus from Salerno to Erchie. Despite GPS control, we missed the bus stop, so we pressed the get off button too late. A big hello from the Italians on the bus and the driver lets us off in the middle of the road. Shortly afterwards we realise: The next stop in the same valley - "Limoneto di Ercole" - would have been even closer to the start of the trail. Right there is the entrance to CAI 305 from Erchie to the Santuario dell' Avvocata. Not much less uphill (700 m) than the normal stage 1, but much less distance. Great landscape, lots of forest with shade. By the way, if the route was ever unclear, the variants reunited shortly afterwards.

    I would like to take this opportunity to speak up for the CAI site ( Good maps, excellent GPX data and - very important - description of the trail conditions. ALERT meant for us: Still possible, but quite overgrown. CLOSED - well, that's clear, isn't it? So be sure to include it in your current planning!

    Variant Bomerano-Positano via the Alta Via degli Dei: The normal Via degli Dei is far too crowded for our taste. That's why we chose the CAI 329, also called Alta Via degli Dei, the "upper path of the gods". It goes over Monte Tre Calli (1122m) - dream panorama of the whole coast from the Gulf of Salerno to Capri - , Pass Capo Muro (1087m) to Caserma Forestrale (theoretical descent in between from Frana to Nocelle on CAI 329b is currently closed). From the Caserma descend to Montepertuso and from there take the hourly local bus (tickets in the bus for once) to Positano - that's what we did - or continue at about the same altitude to Santa Maria del Castello, where there is probably also accommodation. From Capo Muro you can also climb Monte Catello, but we didn't do that; it also looks very alpine.

    This Alta Via degli Dei = CAI 329 is really spectacularly laid out, with few ups and downs, reaching out into the wild valleys. Scenery like in the Dolomites, only with the added bonus of sea views. But the path is somewhat overgrown in places, and railings, which were justified because there are several vertical and deep descents next to the path, are mostly only preserved in vertical stumps due to forest fire. When a bush on the mountain side encroaches on the path, it gets exciting.

    On the subject of exposure: there was once a question as to whether the hike is something for those who are afraid of heights. The 329er in its current state certainly isn't, but it's not on the standard route either. For what we walked from the standard, I would deny suitability for those afraid of heights, especially on the section from Colli di Fontanelle to Torca (stage 5). The low views are breathtaking. Even if the first 10 metres next to the path are only moderately steep, to look straight down 450 metres vertically to the sea is awe-inspiring. Not for wobbly knees...

    We then shortened the Nula - Tuoro section of the trail above via Santa Maria della Neve. Firstly, the path is dotted on the CAI map and classified as EE (escursionisti esperti), which according to our previous experience means that it is quite exposed, and secondly, there was a comment on the CAI page that the path section was quite overgrown.
    Note on B&B Il Turro: It's not really in Schiazzano, but about a hundred metres from the bus stop "Bivio Titigliano", so in Monticchio - there restaurants, gelateria, supermarket, etc. . And you can walk straight down to Monticchio from Santa Maria della Neve.

    Finally, a tourist tip: If you are looking for solitude, you should avoid Positano and Amalfi. Crowds of people in extreme density - of course only the other people, because we are not tourists, but hikers ;-)

    It was a great time. Thank you for this website, it made our planning so much easier!

    • Hello Clemens,

      Thank you very much for your extensive feedback! The reference to I have included it directly. On the subject of "overcrowded buses", I've been getting more and more tips lately, so I'll do something about that. And on my next visit to the Amalfi Coast, I definitely have to try CAI 329 as you described. In good weather, it must be really great!
      Many greetings

  25. Good morning,

    First of all, many thanks to you for compiling the GPX data! That was really a very big help. I went to the Amalfi Coast with a friend from 03/05/2023 to 03/14/23.

    Regarding the state of the path:

    The first stage (from our point of view also the most technically demanding) is easy to walk on even in shorts. The only piece just before the church "Vene di S. Pietro" was not exactly clear to us (we actually walked the stage twice, at the end again in the other direction) and couldn't find the section at about KM 6.3 , but we were able to find our way back on the map and GPX using the map and had to make our way through the forest for a bit. But everything within reason, therefore grade 1-2!

    All other paths were great to walk on, we extended stage 4 and continued to Moiano above Positano, because the accommodations in Positano are really overpriced. In Moiano we stayed at the B&B 40 Steps, which I really recommend. On the 5th day we walked the stage that is run over by the bus here (over Monte Comune) and definitely recommend walking this part, in my opinion one of the most beautiful and completely free of tourism.

    All in all, everything is currently possible in shorts. I walked the path in running shoes, that was also easy to do!

    We definitely recommend walking the trail well out of season as the "Path of the Gods" was quite busy even at this time of year, but it's still worth the walk, the views are breathtaking!

    Thank you for providing the data and everyone who still wants to walk this path have fun. There may be another field report with further information :-)

    Greetings from Lisa

  26. Does anyone know of a hiking trail / part of the Amalfi Coast that is suitable for people with a fear of heights? We are there for a day in August as part of a round trip and have a lady in the group who is unfortunately afraid of heights, there may be a hiking trail that does not go directly along the cliffs, where you can walk to the abyss at a distance and at the end maybe still has a nice view? I would be very grateful for any tip! Thanks very much!!!

  27. Sorry Frank, I just now found your tip from last year, so my question is unnecessary. I have no idea why I didn't get a notification of your reply back then. THANK YOUEEEE again! But if anyone else has any further tips on the subject, I would be very grateful for everything! Thank you Lisa

  28. Hello Lisa,

    A mountain path leads to the Monte Tre Calli (1,100 meters above sea level) I mentioned above, on which there are no dizzying views. The view from up there is sensational.
    The path leaves the road above Bomerano at a crossroads at about 800 meters above sea level, i.e. another 300 meters to the summit. You could drive a car to this crossroads.
    From Bomerano it is a 500 meter climb.
    If you don't want to go back the same way: from Monte Tre Calli you can continue fairly flat to the Capo Muro pass, then down to the left until you reach the road that goes past the crossroads again. But that is only map study; I went straight from Capo Muro - and there it goes straight down a few times right next to the narrow path.

    Kind regards

  29. Good morning,
    We would like to do the hike from mid-May. We are traveling to Salerno by train and would like to somehow have the luggage delivered for our arrival in Sorrento. What are the options here? We are going on holiday in Sorrento for a few days after the hike and the luggage for this should be taken to a hotel. Greetings Benjamin

  30. Hello Frank,

    to Mallorca, Fischerpfad and Malta we just did the Amalfi hike in April 23; as always your site with gpx data was worth GOLD!!! Thank you for that.
    You should always have Gpx with you, although we noticed the CAI 300 signs almost everywhere.
    Basically, you should consider walking with long pants if possible, since many paths are already very closed (particularly stage 5).

    An important note to all last-minute decision-makers:
    On stage 3 from waypoint 5 (stairway from Lone up to San Lazzaro), this is barricaded at the top and bottom (site fence with red warning tape). We boldly walked through and were very glad that we didn't have to turn back; a detour via the car tunnel would have been life-threatening.
    So at the moment getting through is possible; we could not see why the path was closed.

    Thank you once again and greetings from the Baltic Sea

    • Hello Oliver,
      Thank you for your feedback and the note on stage 3. This seems to be the same "blocking" that was also described above and has probably been in place since 2021. It's been like this for a long time :-)
      Many greetings from Hamburg!

  31. Hello Frank,

    also from our side many thanks for your useful information here on this site and especially for the gpx tracks. Without them, you simply wouldn't be able to walk this path. The signposts or markings are often there, but not always clearly visible. We are currently on the path from 19.05.-24.05. ran in 6 days (panorama variant on stage 4). There were no problems with road closures. The above-mentioned closure up to San Lazzaro no longer exists. The site fences and safety tape have been cleared to the side. We walked the entire path in shorts. On stages 4 and 5 there are actually a lot of overgrown paths, although it is of course subjective whether you mind a few scratches or not.

    We actually met some hikers who started the trail on 05/19/2023 :-)

    Another tip: if you still have a day to spare, you should definitely visit Capri. Even if you may be put off by the crowds of tourists: there are wonderful, also challenging hiking trails on which you can hike (almost) alone for long stretches. For example, from Capri via the grandiose Phoenician stairs up to Anacapri, then on to Monte Solaro (almost 600m high, Capri's highest mountain) and then via a more demanding path down to the lighthouse at Punta Carena (where you can also swim wonderfully). We fell in love with the island and will definitely be back :-)

    Many thanks again for your hard work here with this wonderful homepage.

    Kind regards
    Sabine and Uwe

  32. Bonjour Franck,

    Tout d'abord nous te remercions pour all ton travail, tes descriptions, tes tracés.
    Sans cela, notre randonnée aurait été plus difficult et moins plaisante.
    Nous avons fait la randonné du 25 au 29 June 2023.
    Voici quelques feedback :
    – Stage 1 (Raito > Minori): Après "Santuario di Maria Santissima Avvocata sopra Maiori", la descente jusque Maiori est mal entretu. Les herbes sont très hautes, rendered la partie un peu technique.
    – Stage 2 (Minori > San Lazzaro): Rien à clarer, all chemin est practicable. La montée du cimetière de Lone jusque San Lazzaro est longue et éprouvante!
    – Stage 3 (San Lazzaro > Positano >BUS > Colli S. Pietro) : Nous avons préféré de prendre le bus à Positano afin de profiter du Sentier des Dieux.
    – Stage 4 (Colli S. Pietro > Monticchio (à l'est de Schiazzano)) : ATTENTION : la partie la plus difficult! Pourtant nous avons déjà réalisé beaucoup de randonnées. Après Colli di Fontanelle (ton waypaint 2), le chemin n'est pas you tout entretu. Les herbes et les ronces sont très hautes. De ce fait, nous ne voyons plus le balisage du tracé et perdons notre chemin. De plus, il ya énormément de serpents!
    Après Torca, (between waypoint 5 and waypoint 6), le chemin n'est pas you all practicable. Que des ronces!
    Au waypoint 7 (à l'embranchement de l'Alta via 300 and 355), next to le 355. Le 300 n'est pas practicable. Attention, la fin du 355 est mal balisé, avec plein de ronces.
    A Montichhio, je vous conseille d'aller jusqu'au monastère "Monastero di San Paolo al Deserto" pourun beau belvédère sur le Vésuve et l'île de Capri.
    – Stage 5 (Montichhio > Sorrento) : Nous avons suivi the course sans passer par Termini. Le parcours était facile et bien entretu.

  33. Hello everyone, I've walked all 6 stages from Raito to Sorrento over the last few days (only from Positano to Colli S. Pietro by bus), including a detour to Punta Campanella. Very nice route and mostly in good condition. Only sometimes a bit overgrown (especially stage 5), but still doable with shorts if you don't mind a scratch or two.

    But there is one restriction: the climb from Lone to San Lazzaro is closed, the path is bricked up on both sides due to the risk of falling rocks. You can get over the wall or past it, but it doesn't look entirely safe on the way because large pieces of stone have already fallen down there... So I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing it again. Maybe it's better to look for an alternative option.

    And two more comments: 1) I imported the map data into Komoot, but the waypoints (or the numbering) somehow don't match the description. But the path itself fits. 2) The trip to Monte Vico Alvano is not possible early in the morning because you have to go through the park, which only opens at 9 a.m. Or I couldn't find the way around...

    Thank you for the great description and the maps, that was very helpful!

    • Hello Martin,

      Thank you very much for your numerous feedback! I will test the import into Komoot myself and then update the files if necessary. I have added your note about the park opening times in the description.
      I can only give limited recommendations regarding the path closure from a distance and can only summarize the various impressions of other hikers that have accumulated over the last few months: Presumably, bypassing the official path closure via the CAI-361B hiking trail is the best alternative ( see also Katharina's report

      Many greetings

      • We are in Bomerano today and can confirm about the brick wall-blocked path up to San Lazzaro– I didn't see Martin's comment in advance and it definitely made a much longer day for us! I recommend that hikers plan to use 361b and plan their day accordingly. We ended up walking through the tunnel on the road and then cutting up through Tovere.

        On the other hand, the path above Lone is no longer closed and is easily passed.

        Thanks for all of the excellent routes, we are splitting them up into smaller segments and going at our own pace! It's been great!

  34. We also did this hike from October 16, 2023 - wonderful as described. Everything was easy to find with GPS, even on the 5th day. Only on the second day did we walk in circles in Altrani until we found the passage towards Amalfi.
    For stage 3: Closure after waypoint 5 (ascent to San Lazzaro):
    The construction fence is gone, but the path is completely walled up with an approx. 2 meter high wall, both at the bottom and at the top just before San Lazzaro. There are currently 2 adventurous ladders below that you can use to climb over if you have sufficient climbing skills. At the top you can bypass the wall via a steep slope. However, there are a lot of boulders lying around on this section, so this adventure is not recommended. So choose an alternative route!

    • Hello Maria,
      Thank you for your feedback signal! I tried to draw the path closure on the map for stage 3 - does that work? Or does the closure start further down?


  35. It's much closer to Way Point 5– even before where it says “Chapel” on the map. Just after leaving the road that is above the yellow switchbacks.

  36. Hello Frank,
    We also used your track and wanted to bypass this closure in stage 2 on October 24th, 23. Then suddenly we were standing in front of it. An old local assured us several times that we could climb over the wall. When a jogger came and this was obviously his regular route, we (57 and 59 year olds) climbed over it.
    There are really large fallen stones (¼ m³) on the path and it is a beautiful stretch of path.
    I have saved a location at each point. Here are the coordinates, from 40°37'26.2″N 14°34'34.1″E to 40°37'20.8″N 14°34'27.5″E is locked. If it's difficult to incorporate, I can forward the locations to you via WhatsApp.
    We also have a photo that we can provide.

    It's nice that there are people like you who work on their own hike like this.
    thanks for that
    Sylvia and Jens

  37. Good day
    I have now – in February – completed the route from Vietri to Punto Campagnello.
    My tips and advice:
    – With the Komoot app you have a perfect travel guide and can always find your way quickly.
    – Road condition over long distances grade 1, on the first and last stages rarely and briefly 2.
    – You can do the tour very nicely in February. The weather was/is pleasant and the Amalfi Coast is not yet flooded with many people.
    – It was not easy to find accommodation in Positano at this time because all the hostels are taking a break. But until then and towards Sorrento it went well.
    – The closed passage above Lone to San Lorenzo: There are climbing aids at both ends to get over the closures. The closed section is approx. 10 (downhill) to 20 minutes (uphill) long. The path is weathered, obviously not maintained and has large and small boulders lying in some places. The path itself has not been washed away or destroyed.
    My rating: The path is easy and safe to walk. You only have to worry about further rockfalls or mudslides or something similar if it has just rained heavily or a lot or if there is a storm going on. If that's not the case - most of the time - you can pass the path without danger.
    – The change between nature, culture and urban life was particularly beautiful. The paths also change a lot - between paths that are familiar from mountain hiking; and stairs and paved paths; between lonely and busy; Steep in the east and many meters in altitude - the further west it is flatter and more lovely and lonely.
    – Many thanks to the authors for the information and suggestions!

    • Dear hiker from Lake Constance!
      Thank you very much for your current assessment! Top!
      The other hikers after you will be happy about it!
      Many greetings

  38. Hi
    we are planning to come middle of April parents + 2 teens ( 15+16 ) for 2 days only:(
    thought about part 3+4 but i am a bit confused about the block. how do you bypass it. by climbing the wall or by finding bypass? where is the bypass :)

    • Hello Michel,

      I have made the description a little more precise in stage 3. There you will now find the two options described more clearly and the map is now also updated.
      Many greetings

  39. hi again
    thank you so much for your help
    i downloaded stage 3 but it didnt show the two option ( just in the website i see it ) am i correct or did i do something wrong?

    • Hi Michael,
      now it should work – would try to download stage 3 a second time? The second option is now available as a second file.
      best regards

  40. Dear Frank, thank you very much for this great hiking guide :)
    I hiked all stages from April 7th to 12th.
    Stage 1: Grade 1
    Stage 2: Grade 1
    Stage 3: Grade 1, the first road closure has now disappeared, you can just carry on without having to take a detour down. The "newer" closure is still there, but so are the climbing aids.
    Panorama variant stage 4: at the end grade 2-3, path partly difficult to recognize, as so overgrown
    Stage 5: in places grade 2-3 also heavily overgrown
    Stage 6 (short): Grade 2, long trousers absolutely necessary because overgrown, but still recognizable.
    The recommended accommodations were all fully booked 2 months in advance except for Villa Maria B&B, but there were always nice alternatives (if desired I can share them)

  41. wow Lisa thanks
    we are planning to do tomorrow stage 3+4 and are upset abit about hot weather…is there is shadow in so.e of stage 3? was it hard for you? thanks

  42. Hello Frank,
    We would also like to say a big thank you for all the information that has been compiled here. Last week we hiked the trail with our daughter (1.5 years old). We were really impressed by the towns and the great hiking trail. If we hadn't had so much detailed information, we certainly wouldn't have dared to do it with a child carrier on our backs.
    Regarding the condition of the road, I can only agree with Lina H.
    We can particularly recommend 3 accommodation options:
    – L'arabesco in Pogerola (after stage 2)
    – Alba Magica near Bomerano (after stage 3)
    – Agriturismo Oleum near Santa Maria (after stage 5)

    Greetings Claudia, Lukas and Rijke

    • Hello Claudia,

      Wow! A long-distance hike along the cliffs with your little daughter on your back – that's awesome! Very cool thing! Respect for not giving up!
      I am very happy for you. Thank you for your special feedback and best regards

    • Hello Frank, first of all, thank you very much for sharing the many helpful pieces of information including the detailed maps for this great tour that can be used on Outdoor Active - great! We were on the trail from May 4th to 10th, 2024 and everything was easy to walk on - except for stage 5: in the drizzle, the descents were very slippery and the paths were only manageable with poles and rather difficult due to the 2m high grass and wild growth. Otherwise, we had a fantastic vacation - challenging hiking and dolce vita ;-) what more could you want!

  43. Hi Frank,

    Your website is truly fantastic, and makes me all excited on hiking this route Mid May with 2 of my friends.

    Unfortunately, we only have 5 walking days at our disposal, so seems like we must choose which stage we will skip. The obvious choices being stage 1 or stage 6.

    The other option would be to merge 2 stages into 1 hiking day but that might be a bit ambitious? We are all in ok shape but not experienced hikers.

    Any thoughts?

    • Hello Stefan,

      Thanks for the compliment :-) I wouldn't recommend hiking two stages in one day. The many meters of elevation really take their toll on your legs. And you should still be able to enjoy a bit of "Dolce Vita", right? I don't have a clear recommendation as to whether you should skip stages 1 or 6. Stage 1 is definitely the more strenuous one (most elevation). Stage 6 is quite easy, especially in the shortened version.

      I hope this helps you a little, even though I don't have a clear recommendation.

      Many greetings

  44. Hello, I'm starting the journey at the end of May and I'm travelling alone. Do you think it's possible as a woman? Or should I be worried? I'm very excited. I'd better pack some long trousers. Best wishes, Sylvia

  45. Overnight stay in Massa Lubrense (day 5 of the Etsppe): We recommend the Cynara Holiday House with two rooms, shops and restaurants nearby.

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