current route condition - please for feedback

In the spring it can happen that the paths on the less frequented parts of the long-distance hike are a bit overgrown. This affects stages 1 and 5, where some hikers reported problems in the past in May and June. Although the hiking trails are looked after and maintained by the Italian Alpine Club CAI (Club Alpino Italiano), it can occasionally happen that you cannot get to the rampant nature quickly enough.

All hikers after you would be very grateful for timely feedback on the current state of the path! Please leave a comment with the following information:

  • hiking date
  • assessed stage (especially stage 1 and 5)
  • current path condition:
    • Grade 1: easily walkable with short hiking pants
    • Grade 2: easy to walk on, but long hiking pants are recommended
    • Grade 3: Difficult to walk on even with long hiking pants
    • Grade 4: heavy overgrowth, brushwood

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