Variant with fixed accommodation

If you want to take a more relaxed approach to your hiking holiday and don't like to hike from place to place with luggage, you might be interested in a variant with fixed accommodation instead of a long-distance hike. To cover the entire hiking route with individual day hikes from a fixed starting point, however, two different stops and numerous bus trips are necessary! The journey times by bus should not be underestimated: in some cases, 60 min official travel time is to be expected (not counting traffic jams on the narrow coastal road). For each hiking day, you should therefore allow about 2 hours extra for the outward and return journeys.

In the following table, all bus connections from Amalfi or Sorrento to the respective start and end points of the stages are linked. It is therefore theoretically possible to do the entire long-distance hike from two overnight accommodation locations, but it is quite complicated. Either plan enough time for this or do without one or two stages. Recommendation: Book the overnight stays first and then decide spontaneously on the spot.

Starting point / Overnight stayStage for the dayDirections (link to journey (link to in each case)
AmalfiStage 1SITA bus to Raito/Vietri sul MareSITA bus from Maiori
AmalfiStage 2SITA bus to Maiori-
AmalfiStage 3-SITA Bus from Bomerano
AmalfiStage 4SITA bus to BomeranoSITA bus or boat from Positano
Change of location from Amalfi to SorrentoSITA Bus to Sorrento
SorrentoStage 5SITA bus to Colli S. PietroSITA bus from Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi
Attention: The stage destination Schiazzano is poorly served by public transport, so you should continue hiking from Torca to Sant'Agata.
SorrentoStage 6SITA bus to Termini-