Stage 2: Map

From Maiori via Ravello and Amalfi to Pogerola

Stage 2: Route description

  • Amalfi Hiking Trail Stage 2 Between Maiori and Minori
    Amalfi Hiking Trail Stage 2 - Between Maiori and Minori

From Maiori via Ravello to Amalfi or Pogerola

The starting point of the walk is the staircase that leads up from the pedestrian zone on the right, past the church, towards the old part of Minori:

Start in Maiori: The stairway to the church

Once at the top (waypoint 1), we follow the Via Vena closely along the houses towards Minori. This section of the trail is also called "Via dei Limoni" (Way of the Lemons) The varied trail leads past many viewpoints in about an hour to the neighbouring town of Minori, which is a lot more picturesque than Maiori and is suitable for a first coffee break.

On the boardwalk after this bend, a staircase leads upwards on the left in direct extension of a zebra crossing (waypoint 2). After a few metres, we cross a road and follow the stairs on the opposite side up to the cemetery. Behind the cemetery, a longer climb with many stairs begins (waypoint 3), recognisable by the sign "Ravello". We pass the "Chiesa di S. Michele" and reach a road, where we either take the stairs straight ahead or choose the more panoramic option (waypoint 4). This leads more leisurely upwards on the left and towards the church of San Pietro alla Costa (waypoint 5). Once there, we turn sharply right again and then come back to the steeper stairway variant (waypoint 6).

The path continues along the road above the "Auditorio Oscar Niedermeyer", visible from afar, to the viewing platform. Through a short tunnel we reach the main square of Ravello with a view of the cathedral (Waypoint 7, from Minori approx. 1:15 h walking time). The place is very picturesque and accordingly well frequented.

We leave the Piazza del Duomo to the south and follow the signs towards "Villa Cimbrone", a park on the cliff top of Ravello that can be visited for an entrance fee. However, our path turns right just before the archway labelled "Villa Cimbrone" (waypoint 8). As of May 2016, this path was officially closed (orange plastic barrier) due to construction work that began in 2014, but apart from a few steps in need of repair, it could be passed without any problems or danger. After a few minutes, we turn left onto a flat path (signpost towards Amalfi, waypoint 9) that circles the rocky peak of "Villa Cimbrone" to the south.

Facts about stage 2

Altitude metres:  

to Amalfi: 500m ascent/ 500m descent  

to Pogerola: 800m ascent/ 500m descent  

Duration: 3:30h to Amalfi / 4:30h to Pogerola (without breaks)

See also Elevation profile in detail.

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Refreshment stops between Maiori and Amalfi or Pogerola

There are numerous places to stop along the way: Maiori, Minori, Ravello, Atrani, Amalfi and Pogerola each have bars, grocery shops and restaurants.

Amalfi Coast Hiking Stage 2 - View of Minori and Ravello in the background

Amalfi Hiking Trail Stage 2 - View from Sentiero dei Limoni

At this archway with the inscription "Villa Cimbrone" our path turns right...

...if you continue straight ahead, you will reach the entrance area of Villa Cimbrone.

From Ravello to Amalfi

Soon a stairway leads down to the right (waypoint 10) towards Amalfi with wonderful views of the coast. We cross a road and follow the steps of "Via Castiglione", which we soon leave to the right (waypoint 11, signposted "Amalfi") to get wonderful views of the church "Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena".

When you reach the church (Waypoint 12), turn right and after a few steps you reach the coastal road, which you can recognise by the distinctive arches of the bridge. Here, however, we turn right before the coastal road and follow the wide steps further down, where we reach the main square of Atrani after a short passage (waypoint 13, approx. 1 hour from Ravello to Atrani). Here is the first opportunity for lunch - much quieter and more relaxed than in the neighbouring town of Amalfi.

We cross the square and leave it through the archway to the right of the red letterbox: the passage towards Amalfi is hidden here. After about 15 minutes we reach Amalfi. The main sight, which is easy to miss, is the cathedral with its unique mosaic façade.

Detour to Pogerola

A good, panoramic and quiet alternative to an overnight stay in Amalfi itself is the village of Pogerola, 300 metres above Amalfi. To get there, we follow the village road from Amalfi a few hundred metres inland until, shortly after a wide archway, the road "Via Casamare" turns left to the "Carabinieri" (waypoint 14). At the end of the dead-end street, our path leads upwards via steps and a paved hiking trail. After an hour we reach the small village of Pogerola with some restaurants, bars and worthwhile bed & breakfast accommodation.

Hiking on the Amalfi Coast - always a great view of the sea

Sometimes almost unreal: The Amalfi Coast in sunshine below Ravello

Amalfi Overnight stay in the centre

Stage 2: Overnight stay

Located an hour above Amalfi, but warm and personal: the newly opened Bed&Breakfast "L'Arabesco"

Overnight stay in Pogerola (above Amalfi)

The town of Amalfi gives its name to the entire coast and is an international tourist magnet with correspondingly high accommodation prices. For long-distance hikers in good shape, we therefore recommend an overnight stay a little above Amalfi in the small village of "Pogerola" (approx. 1 hour additional walk). There are some very nice and comparatively affordable bed & breakfast accommodations and a sufficiently large selection of pizzerias and restaurants. Highly recommended is the Bed&Breakfast L'Arabesco, newly opened in 2014, with only 3 rooms (see picture above, Bed&Breakfast L'Arabesco) and a very lovingly prepared breakfast on the sun terrace. Located directly on the small village square of Pogerola and also highly recommended is the B&B Villa Maria (B&B Villa Maria), which, however, is usually booked up very far in advance.

Stay overnight in Amalfi

However, despite the somewhat higher prices, an overnight stay directly in Amalfi does have its appeal: as soon as all the day tourists have left in the late afternoon, it is much easier to guess why Amalfi has become so famous. And anyone planning a normal hiking holiday on the Amalfi Coast instead of a long-distance hike should stay overnight in Amalfi anyway. Pogerola is not sufficiently connected to the SITA bus lines for this purpose.

The B&B Villa Maria is very popular and therefore often already fully booked