Stage 5: Overnight stay

  • Casa Lubra Relax in Schiazzano with pool and view Insider tip
    View from the pool terrace of the highly recommended "Casa Lubra Relax

Recommendation: unique accommodation in Schiazzano

For an overnight stay after stage 5, we recommend switching to the northern side of the hill: There, the unique Lubra Casa Relax guesthouse beckons with evening sun, a view of the Gulf of Naples and the island of Ischia (Lubra Casa Relax). Although the villages of Marina del Cantone and Nerano with many accommodations are located directly on the CAI-300, we advise against descending on the CAI-300 to Marina del Cantone due to feedback from other hikers (path steep and slippery, sometimes very overgrown and thorny). From waypoint 8, our route therefore leaves the CAI-300 and leads to the other side of the hill to Schiazzano.

Schiazzano is a little off the beaten track and has therefore remained a dreamy little village. There are two roads leading to Schiazzano, but they are dead ends. Through traffic is impossible. Schiazzano is also a little too far over the hill to still be part of the Amalfi Coast and is a little too far away from Sorrento to attract overnight guests from there. Surrounded by lemon orchards and with a view of Capri and Vesuvius, Schiazzano is a little paradise with a medieval village centre!

And right in the middle of it all is the unique Lubra Casa Relax guesthouse: unique because it is a mixture of Italian palazzo, boutique hotel, family-run B&B and cooking school, officially categorised as a "six-room guesthouse". The wild mix of different concepts is explained by the building's interesting history: Originally owned by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, the building was extensively renovated in 2009 and rented out to well-heeled guests as a high-end holiday villa for a few years. In 2015, the building was leased to Lucia, who was actually only looking for a new home for her cooking school and was not interested in running a hotel. But what luck for the guests: Lucia now runs the cooking school and the hotel together! We highly recommend this accommodation!

Update October 2021:  Lucia has since moved her cooking school out of Schiazzano and handed over the Lubra Casa Relax to other operators. In the meantime, however, they have changed the concept, so that the wonderful Lubra Casa Relax is currently only rented out as a whole. A worthwhile alternative is said to be the Villa il Turro (Link: Villa il Turro - Bed&Breakfast). The direct route there then does not lead via Schiazzano, instead you can already turn right at the "Tramonto Rosso" pizzeria (shortly after waypoint 10).

View of the courtyard and pool area