Hike to the "Monte Vico Alvano


Route description: Hike to "Monte Vico Alvano" (detour after stage 4)

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    Would you like a little extra tour? Short hike to Monte Vico Alvano

Through the "Antico Parco del Principe

This approximately two-hour hike can be included as an additional highlight between stages 4 and 5 - either in the afternoon after stage 4 or in the morning before stage 5.

The starting point is the bus stop "Colli San Pietro" at the intersection of the two state roads SS145 and SS163. From here, the destination of the hike - Monte Vico Alvano - is already visible and easily recognisable from the summit cross.

From the bus stop we turn onto Via S. Pietro, which takes us slightly upwards. The path takes us directly to the entrance gate of the park "Antico Parco del Principe" (opening times from 9:00 a.m.), in the middle of which lies the "Castello Colonna", which can be rented for pompous wedding celebrations. The hiking trail leads through the park and past the castle on the right. Behind the castle we tend to keep to the right and thus reach the sunny hiking trail to Monte Vico Alvano.

Reader tip from Julia: Outside the opening hours of the "Antico Parco del Principe" park, the entrance gate can be opened from the inside so that you can leave the park at any time (operated by switch). This is of particular interest to hikers on the long version of stage 4.

View in all directions

The hiking trail leads upwards in several serpentines, the view becomes more and more beautiful and reaches from the Amalfi Coast - clearly visible is the small village "Vettica Maggiore" situated opposite Positano - over the group of islands "Li Galli" to Capri and Sorrento.

At the end of the serpentines we reach a small hilltop, here we turn left and take the "dead end" to Monte Vico Alvano (approx. 1 hour ascent from the start).

Arriving at the iron summit cross, the panorama now grows to almost a 360-degree all-round view. In good weather, the view is magnificent: the Gulf of Naples lies before us, the masses of houses of Naples itself are clearly visible and Vesuvius rises majestically from the plain.

After a sufficiently long photo break, we return along the same path (descent approx. 45 min).


Below us the Antico Parco del Principe and the scattered houses of Colli S. Pietro

GPS route download for the detour to Monte Vico Alvano

Flowers in spring on Monte Vico Alvano - Vesuvius in the background

May is particularly beautiful for hiking - full bloom on the Amalfi Coast

Panoramic view over the Amalfi Coast - beautiful short hike up Monte Vico Alvano