From Salerno to Sorrento: the whole Amalfi coast on foot!

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most spectacular coastal landscapes in the world and is a true hiking paradise! It is all the more surprising that hiking tourism is currently almost exclusively limited to a short section, the "Sentiero degli Dei" (Path of the Gods).

There is still a lot to discover for pleasure hikers who are passionate about vertical meters away from the "Sentiero degli Dei": Large parts of the Amalfi Coast hiking trail described here are characterized by loneliness, nature and tranquility! Steep paths and stairways with a view of the deep blue sea and small villages with very picturesque church towers alternate with flat paths through vineyards, olive groves and lemon plantations. The real highlights are the views of the surrounding islands and mountains: depending on the stage, either Vesuvius, the Gulf of Naples or the island of Capri can be seen in good weather.

The hiking trail described here leads in six very exhausting daily stages from Salerno in the east to Sorrento in the west of the Amalfi Coast and runs largely along the CAI-300 hiking trail or along its many side routes, which also have CAI numbers in the 300er area. The hiking trails are managed by the Italian Alpine Club "CAI - Club Alpino Italiano" and are marked in red and white.

The hike runs either directly on the CAI-300 or on parallel hiking trails.

Hiking on the CAI 300 - the path is not always marked as well as here!

Lots of vertical meters, little luggage and "Dolce Vita" every evening

We love hiking holidays with lots of vertical meters, little luggage and nice accommodations!
And for the latter too, the Amalfi Coast with its many, in some cases very lovingly managed, guest houses and bed & breakfasts is ideal! We hiked the route in May 2016 and loved it!

After receiving so much positive feedback about a hiking suggestion we worked out on La Gomera a few years ago (, we have also designed a hopefully informative website for this hiking trail along the Amalfi Coast.

Have fun hiking!

beautiful flora on the Amalfi Coast

3D preview & PDF hiking maps at


3D preview of the long-distance hike: The course of the hiking route and the topography of the Amalfi Coast are reproduced very impressively in the 3D perspective! There you will find further long-distance Mediterranean hikes and a shop for PDF hiking maps to print out yourself (