Tips for luggage, equipment and preparation

Luggage: hiking boots, hiking sticks and Co.

  • Hiking boots / hiking boots: The quality of the hiking trails on the Amalfi Coast varies from flat to steep, from rocky to concrete and from well-groomed to overgrown. For safety reasons, if you have both hiking boots and hiking shoes to choose from at home, we recommend that you pack the higher hiking boots, as they provide better protection against twisting. Finally, hiking with luggage increases the weight to be carried by several kilos for several days. Especially with the long ascents and descents, the risk of getting blisters on your feet due to selective overloading increases. A high shaft then ensures a better distribution of the load and a lower risk of blisters.
  • Walking sticks: Due to the many meters in altitude, we recommend that you think of telescopic walking sticks when packing. The knees can be relieved considerably, especially on the descents.
  • Magnesium pills: A magnesium tablet in the evening prevents sore muscles the next day!

We also have on to have Complete packing list for hiking with minimal luggage zusammengestellt.

Digital helpers for the journey

  • GPS app and offline maps for your smartphone: we recommend ViewRanger as an app for on the go, as it allows maps from sources such as OpenStreetMaps or even better OpenCyclingMaps to be downloaded free of charge.
  • The app for local public transport moovit: Download the app and install it on your smartphone, select the Italian region "Napoli e Campania" in the settings. Especially interesting from stage 4 to get the bus timetables and stops for the route "Positano - Colli San Pietro".
  • Not really new, but extremely helpful to communicate with the bed-and-breakfast operators: simply the planned arrival time by WhatApp communicate or get more detailed information about the location of the accommodation ...
Hiking equipment Hiking boots offer more security

Hiking equipment: hiking boots offer more safety than hiking shoes