Stage 3: Route description

  • Amalfi Coast Hike Stage 3 View shortly after Amalfi
    View shortly after Amalfi - just above the coastal road

Entering stage 3 from Pogerola

After spending the night in Pogerola above Amalfi, we first have to return to almost sea level. From the centre of Pogerola we follow Via Castello past the church towards the sea until we see steps to the right with a sign pointing towards Amalfi. Follow these downwards into a gorge until, after about half an hour, you reach the coastal road or the hiking route directly from Amalfi (directly at the end of the tunnel, waypoint 1).

Steep stairs in the rock lead us back to the coastal road in a green gorge coming from Pogerola

Facts about stage 3

Altitude metres: 

from Amalfi: 950m ascent/ 320m descent  

from Pogerola: 950m ascent/ 620m descent  

Duration: 4:00h from Amalfi / 4:30h from Pogerola (without breaks)

See also Elevation profile in detail.

GPS route download for stage 3

Refreshment stops

small bar with snacks and pizza at the crossroads in Lone, several restaurants in San Lazzaro.

Entering stage 3 from Amalfi

If you stayed in Amalfi instead of Pogerola, leave Amalfi via the coastal road heading west slightly uphill and cross the road tunnel. Immediately after the tunnel (waypoint 1) you meet the route coming from Pogerola.

After the tunnel, the road continues

A few metres after the tunnel, we leave the coastal road and continue on the path parallel to it, initially still below residential houses, then increasingly more rural. Approx. 25 minutes after the tunnel, we unfortunately have to leave the high trail, as a track closure prevents passage further on. The corresponding stairway exit (waypoint 2) is directly after an arched lattice gate with the tiled house number 33 and looks like this:

Amalfi Coast Hike - Stage 3 - Looking back at the steep coastline

Shortly before this little tower we take the stairs down - further ahead the path is blocked!

Diversions due to track closure and ascent to San Lazzaro

The diversions leads along the coastal road past a bar/pizzeria with a view (waypoint 3), where we take the right of the two roads and follow it for two hairpin bends. At the second hairpin bend, a staircase leads us to the left (waypoint 4), we meet a flat path after a short while, which we follow to the left. At a church, we rejoin the road and our stairway continues upwards, offset a little to the left (waypoint 5).
We follow this scenic and much hiked path up the mountain to San Lazzaro (approx. 1:40 h from the bar in the hamlet of Lone). In San Lazzaro there are several opportunities for a lunch break (waypoint 6).

Attention: Shortly after waypoint 5 there is a (new) route closure - see symbol on the map! Hikers have two options here, depending on their willingness to take risks:

  1. Safe option: According to reports from hikers, a bypass is possible, for example, via the town of Tovere and from there on the CAI-361b hiking trail. However, you first have to walk through the road tunnel, then steep steps lead to “Via Grado” to Tovere and there onto the CAI-361b (see detour symbols on the map and blue route).
  2. Simple variant that hikers have reported on several times. Quote: “There are climbing aids at both ends to get over the blockages. The closed section is approx. 10 (downhill) to 20 minutes (uphill) long. The path is weathered, obviously not maintained and has large and small boulders lying in some places. The path itself has not been washed away or destroyed. The path is easy and safe to walk. You only have to worry about further rockfalls or mudslides or something similar if it has just rained heavily or a lot or if there is a storm going on. If that’s not the case – most of the time – you can pass the path without any danger.”

From San Lazzaro to Bomerano

From the end point of the stairway in San Lazzaro, our path first leads slightly uphill on the road to the small church, where we turn left (waypoint 7). Now we go downhill again a little and then turn left again into "Via Pino". The road descends in serpentines and at a bend we change to a small path (waypoint 8). This leads us below a steep rock face, popular with climbers, to a small stream.

On the opposite side of the gorge, the trail heads south and joins a small access road. Follow this until you reach the higher main road (waypoint 9). Turn left here and follow the main road downhill for 750m. Just before the first bend in the main road, turn right towards "S. Alfonso" (Waypoint 10). At the end of this road, a beautiful and well-marked hiking trail begins to Bomerano (approx. 2 hours from San Lazzaro).

Red poppies and the Amalfi Coast in the background

The route closure shortly after waypoint 5