Accommodation on the Amalfi Coast

There are accommodations on the Amalfi Coast for every taste and for almost every budget. Amalfi and Positano are the main tourist centers of the Amalfi Coast and the accommodation prices there are therefore comparatively expensive. If you want to get a nice room for a reasonable price here during the main travel season between May and September, you should either reserve well in advance or plan your hiking tour so that you spend a little outside of these hotspots.

If, like us, you would like to reserve your overnight stays via, you are welcome to use our tabular planning and booking aid: to the planning table.

We particularly liked the many small family businesses that spoil their guests as bed and breakfast or agriturismo with only four or five rooms.

Overnight stay in Salerno (arrival day)

In Salerno we can recommend the following accommodation: B&B Vigi, B&B Vigi is a newly renovated bed and breakfast in the 2. Floor of a residential building near the cathedral, small and personable with only 4 rooms. Breakfast is taken in the café around the corner and you will receive a voucher at check-in. The central location is perfect for exploring the old town and with lots of nice bars and restaurants.
Tip: WhatApp users are welcome guests. If you leave your mobile number when booking, you will receive help or directions from the landlord on the day of arrival via WhatsApp.

Modern rooms in the centrally located B&B Vigi

The Bed & Breakfast Vigi is a little hidden, but has a very catchy logo

Stage 1: overnight stay

Rooms with great views and colorful tile patterns: Hotel Torre di Milo in Maiori

Hotel recommendation in Maiori: Hotel Torre di Milo

Maiori is far from being as sophisticated and famous as other places on the Amalfi Coast and therefore the prices in Maiori are reasonably reasonable.

We can recommend the following hotel in Maiori: Hotel Torre di Milo, The Hotel Torre di Milo offers well-kept rooms at reasonable prices, all rooms have recently renovated bathrooms and some rooms have a balcony with a view. Breakfast is outsourced to a nearby restaurant in the pedestrian zone, which is also worth a visit in the evening: In the Ristorante Pineta 1903 good cuisine is served (vegan on request), and in good weather on the cozy terrace.

Hotel Torre di Milo in Maiori: the eponymous tower is right next door

Stage 2: overnight stay

An hour above Amalfi, warm and personal: the newly opened bed and breakfast "L'Arabesco"

Recommendations for staying in Amalfi

The place Amalfi is the eponym for the entire coast and an international tourist magnet with correspondingly high accommodation prices. We therefore recommend an overnight stay a little above Amalfi in the small town "Pogerola" (approx. 1 hour additional walk).

There are some very nice and comparatively affordable bed and breakfast accommodations and a sufficiently large selection of pizzerias and restaurants.

The 2014 newly opened Bed & Breakfast L'Arabesco with only 3 rooms is highly recommended (see picture above, Bed & Breakfast L'Arabesco) and a very lovingly prepared breakfast on the sun terrace.

Located directly on the small village square of Pogerola and also very recommendable is the B&B Villa Maria (B & B Villa Maria), which is usually booked out very long in advance.

The B&B Villa Maria is very popular and therefore often fully booked

Stage 3: overnight stay

Most beautiful in the morning sun: the view from the Casa Pendola makes you want to start the day! In the foreground the beautiful terrace.

If you like it a bit more central (the Casa Pendola is a little out of town) and feel comfortable in family-run accommodation, we recommend the following bed and breakfast instead: Nido Verde, In the afternoons, grandfather lovingly helps with the reception of guests, and breakfast is served on the terrace when the weather is nice. Bicycles are also rented out.

Bed & Breakfast recommendations in Bomerano

Bomerano is a district of "Agerola" and has an interesting geographical location: The topography of Bomerano itself is relatively flat and almost plateau-like, but a few meters from the town center, the terrain drops steeply towards the Amalfi Coast.

The best way to watch this spectacle is from Casa Pendola, a bed and breakfast located approx. 15 min above Bomerano ( Casa Pendola). The rooms are neat but not luxurious, but they all have a terrace with a sensational view of Bomerano and the other districts of Agerola when the weather is nice. Other highlights: the well-tended garden area has a beautiful pool and a terrace with lounge furniture, for breakfast home-made cakes are offered.

The "Nido Verde" is centrally located in Bomerano and a bit set back from the street

Stage 4: overnight stay

Spoiled for choice: expensive hotels in Positano or a cheap alternative at Colli San Pietro?

Section 4 ends in Positano - one of the tourist hotspots of the Amalfi Coast. For today's overnight stay we have to decide: do we stay overnight in Positano and accept the higher prices there? Or do we continue in the afternoon with the SITA bus to "Colli San Pietro", from where the next day the stage 5 starts and where the accommodation prices are much cheaper than in Positano?

Finding a good and affordable accommodation in Positano is very difficult and is only possible with a lot of advance notice or good luck: For a decent double room, at least 150 € is usually due during the season. Worth a try is the very individual Positano Suite B&B with only one room (double room from 180 €, Positano Suite B&B) or the family-run Casa Teresa with a great view over Positano (Teresa House).

"Colli San Pietro" is the exact opposite of Positano: the district of "Piano di Sorrento" is a loose collection of houses with no recognizable center. The biggest highlight is the view of the Gulf of Naples - and of course the proximity to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Nevertheless, there is a rich selection of decent to good hotels and guest houses:

  • The B&B Villevieille (upper picture) is located directly below the main street, but is nevertheless surprisingly quiet, which is due to the fact that the rooms are all on the house side towards the valley. The operator may not be very welcoming, but the rooms are tidy. The breakfast terrace with a view of the Gulf of Naples is great.
  • The Antico Casale Russo (second picture) is a great choice in a historic setting, as long as you don't stay over the weekend: Then there are regular wedding celebrations.
  • The 3 star hotel Royal Hills is located directly at the SITA bus stop and offers air-conditioned rooms (Hotel Royal Hills).

Despite the lack of a center, there are some restaurants in Colli San Pietro, for example Ristorante Zio Sam or Ristorante La Rosa (both with pizzeria).

We deliberately avoided an overnight stay in Positano on our hike and instead took the promising hike to Monte Vico Alvano in the morning before stage 5 from Colli San Pietro (see Hike to Monte Vico Alvano).

Overnight in "Colli San Pietro" at "B&B Villevieille": breakfast terrace in the morning sun with a view of the Gulf of Naples

The Antico Casale Russo is primarily designed for wedding celebrations - but you can also spend the night there!