About Us

We are enthusiastic long-distance hikers and love to be out in nature for a few days on vacation! For some years now, we have also been drawn to the rather unknown, Mediterranean long-distance hiking trails.

The combination of mountains and sea and the possibility to stay in beautiful and mostly very individual accommodations are always a reason for us to dream of the next hiking holiday!

Often, however, the research effort before the vacation was quite large and we were sometimes really surprised that some hiking trails are well laid out and well signposted, but at the same time remain totally unknown on the net.

The outdoor and hiking book publishers also seem to largely ignore the Mediterranean long-distance hiking trails we love so much: hiking trails with six to ten stages are probably too short to fill an entire book. And the potential target group is of course smaller than with hiking books, which are primarily aimed at day trippers.

So at some point we started documenting one of our hiking vacations online to make ourselves better known. The many positive feedback spurred us on to pursue this idea further - and a number of other online hiking guides have already been created! You can find a current overview of our hiking projects at


We are happy to share our passion for hiking with you!