Arrival in Salerno

Train: From Munich by night train

Probably the most ecological way to get to the Amalfi Coast is Arrival by train, This takes a lot longer than traveling by plane, but this disadvantage is not so significant if you have the option of using a night train connection. As of October 2018, there is only one possible night train connection from Germany: The Night train between Munich and Rome is operated by the ÖBB (tickets at and arrives in Rome at 09:22 according to the current timetable. From here there are numerous connections to Salerno. The travel time from Roma Termini to Salerno is between 1:30 and 4:00 depending on the train category. Trains in the category offer the fastest connection Frecciarossa (red arrow) and Frecciabianca (white arrow) with prices between 40 € and 60 €, whereas the slowest connection with regional trains is already available from approx. 16 € (single journey without discount, booking under

Arrival by plane to Naples

From the "Napoli Capodichino" airport to the "Napoli Centrale / Piazza Garibaldi" train station

The airport of Naples is very close to the center, so that the main train station can be reached by bus in about 20 minutes. The bus connection is called "Alibus" operated (one way currently € 4) and the stop at the airport is signposted accordingly.
The bus line usually runs three times an hour and runs in succession first the main train station "" Napoli Centrale / Piazza Garibaldi "and then the port (" Porto / Piazza Municipio ").

From "Napoli Centrale" to Salerno

Trains run every half hour from the "Napoli Centrale" station to Salerno, alternating regional trains (40 min / approx. 5 €) and IC / EC (30 min / approx. 10 €). Tickets can be bought conveniently at the machine (also in German).
Two clues:

  • Tickets for regional trains must be validated at the start of the track at the stamp machine in Italy!
  • there are also slow trains that take 1:15 hours for the same route, without being really cheaper.

left-luggage office

If you plan to spend a few days relaxing vacation on Ischia or Capri after the long-distance hike, explore Naples and ancient Pompei or climb Mount Vesuvius, you will usually need some extra luggage in addition to the hiking equipment, which must be stored somewhere during the hike , We have researched the following options:

We have not had our own experience with any of the providers, but at least the luggage storage in Naples seems to be rated very well.

Arrival day: Salerno

Salerno: tranquil port city and starting point for the hike

Who, like most Amalfi Coast hikers, travels via Naples (see Getting there) and therefore at least briefly immersed in the hustle and bustle around the main train station in Naples, Salerno is truly an oasis of calm in direct comparison!

Salerno is a charming town with a spacious pedestrian zone that leads from the train station to the well-kept and lively old town.

Overnight stay in Salerno (arrival day)

In Salerno we can recommend the following accommodation: B&B Vigi, B&B Vigi is a newly renovated bed and breakfast in the 2. Floor of a residential building near the cathedral, small and personable with only 4 rooms. Breakfast is taken in the café around the corner and you will receive a voucher at check-in. The central location is perfect for exploring the old town and with lots of nice bars and restaurants.
Tip: WhatApp users are welcome guests. If you leave your mobile number when booking, you will receive help or directions from the landlord on the day of arrival via WhatsApp.

Modern rooms in the centrally located B&B Vigi

The Bed & Breakfast Vigi is a little hidden, but has a very catchy logo

Departure from Sorrento

A ferry on the way across the Gulf of Naples

From Sorrento back to Naples

There are three alternatives for the way back from Sorrento to Naples:

  1. the surely most beautiful alternative is one Ferry ride: For about € 13 (one way for adults) you cross the Gulf of Naples by boat to the "Beverello" pier. From there, an Alibus (see Getting there) via the main train station to the airport.

  2. the cheapest way to travel is Train connection to Naples, From Napoli Centrale there is again the "Alibus" that goes to the airport.

  3. the most convenient way to get from Sorrento to Naples Airport is by Airport shuttle bus , which starts directly in front of the train station in Sorrento (at the moment "bus parking space no. 5", ie the first bus in the row in the direction of travel). Departure times about every two hours. The current timetable is below can be called up and all intermediate stops are marked with departure times on a map.

Bus parking space 5 in front of the Sorrento train station - from here the buses are currently going directly to Naples Airport

Footpath to the port of Sorrento (far right in the picture)

Looking back at Sorrento - tickets for the ferry to Naples are sold on the left