Departure from Sorrento

A ferry on its way across the Gulf of Naples

From Sorrento back to Naples

There are three alternatives for the way back from Sorrento to Naples:

  1. surely the most beautiful alternative is a Ferry rideFor about €13 (one-way for adults), you can cross the Gulf of Naples by boat to the "Beverello" pier. From there, an alibus (see Arrival) via the main station to the airport.

  2. the cheapest way to travel is Rail connection to Naples. From Napoli Centrale there is again the "Alibus" that goes to the airport.

  3. the most convenient way to get from Sorrento to Naples airport is a Airport Shuttle Bus which leaves directly in front of the train station in Sorrento (currently "bus car park no. 5", i.e. the bus at the front of the line in the direction of travel). Departure times are approximately every two hours. The current timetable is available at and all stopovers are marked on a map with departure times.

Bus park no. 5 in front of Sorrento railway station - buses currently run from here directly to Naples airport.

Footpath to the port of Sorrento (far right in the picture)

View back to Sorrento - on the left the tickets for the ferry to Naples are sold