Long-distance hiking on the Amalfi Coast - now also available in paperback!

For a long time now, our eBook on long-distance hiking on the Amalfi Coast has been available for free download on our website. This will not change in the future either!

However, we have also published the pdf file of the eBook with the print-on-demand provider ePubli. The book is there now in DIN A6 format with soft cover binding available. So if you prefer to hike "classically" with a hiking guide in hand than with your smartphone or if you don't want to carry around a loose collection of A4 printouts with you, you can order the book now. Since each order is printed individually (print-on-demand), the delivery time can sometimes be 14 days.

The content is completely identical to the free pdf version, the price for the paperback version is based on the printing costs. The book can also be purchased in normal bookshops, stating the ISBN 978-3-750258-67-9 usually be ordered.


The same content as in the free eBook - but as a real book (softcover DIN A6)