Stage 6: overnight stay

Overnight in Sorrento - good selection at high prices

Sorrento is due to its exceptional geographic location over steep cliffs, its pleasant climate, its unique sunsets and the proximity to Ischia and Capri the "Italian dream" par excellence for many travelers and therefore an international tourist magnet. This is noticeable both in the variety of offers and in the price level of the accommodation offered. Numerous 5 star hotels advertise for guests as well as small guest houses, bed and breakfasts and boutique accommodations with no star rating. Almost everyone is still expensive. To put it bluntly, Sorrento has the largest selection of accommodations beyond the 200 euro per night limit.

We were lucky and got a very chic and reasonably affordable room at Sorrento Flats at short notice (Sorrento Flats), As a rule, you have to dig deep into Sorrento or cut back on quality or the proximity to the center. Anyone who searches on In our experience, therefore, should not be based on stars but only on the evaluation result (e.g. 8 and better) and the price.

Spending the night in Sorrento can be quick and easy - here are the centrally located and very chic "Sorrento Flats": There is no star rating, but a room is seldom available for less than € 200 per night.

Star hotels on the steep coast of Sorrento

Beach baths off the steep coast of Sorrento