Stage 6: map

From Schiazzano via Punta Campanella back to Schiazzano and on to Sorrento

Section 6: Directions

  • One of the highlights at the end of the hike on the CAI300 Capri in the deep blue Merr
    One of the highlights at the end of the hike on the CAI300 - Capri in the deep blue sea.

From Schiazzano to Punta Campanella and back

This beautiful circular hike takes us to the "Punta Campanella" - the westernmost tip of the Amalfi Coastal Hike - and offers a wonderful view of the island of Capri when the weather is nice!

In the following we describe a short and a long variant - the shorter one is suitable for. B. for a final morning excursion on the day of departure followed by a bus or taxi ride to Sorrento. However, both variants can also be extended by walking the beautiful route to Sorrento on the same day. The hiking route from Termini to Sorrento follows many hidden paths or small paths through gardens, olive groves and citrus fields and is definitely worth it!

Note on map material: Strangely, this part of the Amalfi coast is not adequately mapped, at least many paved roads that have obviously existed for years are not shown on Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps. In most of the accommodations, however, there are free hiking maps for the western tip of the Amalfi Coast, in which these routes are marked. Alternatively, the cards are available online:

Entry / starting point

The starting point for this stage varies, of course, depending on where you spend the night. We described the hiking route from Schiazzano in the following section because we are so enthusiastic about the hotel there. Anyone who has stayed outside of Schiazzano can easily orientate themselves to the first stopover: the white chapel "Chiesa San Costanzo", which is clearly visible from everywhere on the hill of the same name, Monte San Costanzo.

From Schiazzano we walk south, ie uphill past the hotel "Lubra Casa Relax" out of the village. On the back of the small hill we reach a driveway, which we briefly follow uphill to the right, then turn left after approx. 100 meters (continue uphill, waypoint 1). The path gives us beautiful views to the right of the Gulf of Naples and to the left of the bay of "Marina del Cantone", gradually becomes smaller and finally to the path, at the end of which we reach the town of Termini. Here we turn left and reach the main square with the church, SITA bus stop and bar (approx. 30 minutes from Schiazzano, waypoint 2).

From Termini to the white chapel

We leave Termini Square in a south-easterly direction and turn right at the T-junction (signposted "Punta Campanella"). After a slight left-hand bend we reach the next junction, where we turn right to "Punta Campanella" and straight to the white chapel "Chiesa San Costanzo", from where you can descend to "Punta Campanella". We keep straight here and come across a stairway that serves as a shortcut to the switchbacks of the driveway. The path is marked with large white arrows on the asphalt, but we run against the direction of the arrow. The ascent from Termini to the white chapel takes approximately 30 minutes.

From the white chapel "Chiesa San Costanzo" to Punta Campanella

We turn at the white chapel and descend along the path lined with wooden crosses. However, where the wooden cross path turns to the right (waypoint 3) we keep straight and cross the pine grove parallel to the driveway. The path is very well marked red and white here and with a little luck we can even see a faded marking as a CAI-300 hiking trail. At branches, you should always follow the color coding, there are some other wrong paths that do not lead you further.

The CAI-300 path, marked in red and white, leads us out of the pine grove out onto the ridge, which soon offers us wonderful views of Capri. Since we are relatively high above the sea, the view of the neighboring island looks somewhat "surreal" from above than directly at the lighthouse of "Punta Campanella", which is almost at sea level. On the left we see the headland of the nature reserve "Baia Di Jeranto".

Branch to the short variant

If the great view from Capri is sufficient or if you have less time or fitness, you should keep your eyes open on the ridge after a turn to the right (approx. 30 min after the white chapel). A sign embedded in the floor shows us the junction for the short variant (waypoint 4). With the short version, we save approx. 250 meters of descent and ascent and approx. 1,5 hours of time without missing anything really important on this stage. The short version takes you back to Termini in about 30 minutes.

Long variant: descent to Punta Campanella

For the longer variant we follow the path straight ahead and always downwards. The destination "Punta Campanella" with an old tower will appear soon and will be reached after about 1,5 hours (calculated from the white chapel).
The way back from the "Punta Campanella" leads back to Termini on a well-developed hiking trail that is very popular with day trippers (approx. 1 hour ascent).

Back in Termini, there is the possibility to get to Sorrento by SITA bus connection (usually max. Once an hour and unfortunately less often around noon, so it is best to ask for the departure times on the way out at the latest!).

Facts about the 6 stage


long variant: 685 m ascent / 955 m descent

short variant: 445m ascent / 720 m descent

Duration: long variant: 5: 15h / short variant 3: 45h (each without breaks)
See also Elevation profile in detail

GPS route download for stage 6 - short version

GPS route download for stage 6 - long version

Refreshments on the way

There are numerous places to stop for refreshments (bars or restaurants) on the route, e.g. in Termini, Schiazzano, Massa Lubrense and of course at the destination in Sorrento.

The white chapel "Chiesa San Costanzo", visible from afar, is a stopover on stage 6

The nature reserve "Baia Di Jeranto"

Again and again Capri - particularly impressive from above!

Dead end with English signage - this is where we hike along!

From Termini back to Schiazzano

We leave the main square of Termini in a westerly direction, pass the post office and follow the promising right-hand bend, which turns into a sharp left-hand bend. The small “Via di Padri” branches off exactly in the left-hand bend, clearly visible through a cul-de-sac sign with English subtitles (waypoint 5). We follow the concrete "Via di Padri", but shortly afterwards we leave the concrete track to the right on a path, at this point a tiled sign for "Sorrento" is embedded in concrete.

A little later we meet again on a paved path, which we follow to the right (short uphill), shortly afterwards turn left downhill at a decorated iron gate (waypoint 6).

At the end of this path, which leads directly into the entrance of a private house, our hiking trail branches off sharply to the right. If you look closely, you will find a “U-Turn” sign in concrete towards Sorrento on the wooden railing that shows us the right way (waypoint 7). Through a small depression we follow the path that leads us through vineyards and olive groves and on a concrete section past a long house. The "Via Turiello" branches off at this house, but we keep straight ahead. The next junction is the "Vicolo Barbarella" (waypoint 8). The “Vicolo Barbarella” takes us back to Schiazzano in five minutes (section from Termini to Schiazzano: approx. 40 min).

From Schiazzano to Sorrento

However, if you want to hike straight to Sorrento and don't want to take a lunch break in Schiazzano, don't turn into the “V. Barbarella ”, but goes straight on. The path leads us further downhill, over a small stream and then left again a little uphill to S. Maria (approx. 15 minutes from Schiazzano).

In S. Maria we meet directly the church, which we circle halfway, since our hiking path continues diagonally across as a beautiful stair path (in front of the house with the gate passage on the right, waypoint 9). However, we only stay briefly on the stairway. Before it leads us too far down, we turn right onto a narrow garden path ("Via Sant'Aniello Vecchio", waypoint 10), which rewards us with beautiful views and tends to lead straight to Massa Lubrense in a small arc. The garden path suddenly leads us out of the green into a narrow alley, where we turn left onto "Via Mortella" (this begins at the house with the clearly visible street sign "Via Maldacea", but we take the other street at this house called "Via Mortella", waypoint 11).

In Massa Lubrense (approx. 30 minutes from S. Maria) we meet a triangular, green square, which we leave at the "short", slightly higher end to the north. After a few meters (shortly after a building of the Italian Post Office) we turn into “Via Molini” (waypoint 12). We keep to the right on a wall with a turret and a picture of the saint (waypoint 13) and from now on follow the road which is only sporadically used by Vespas and smaller cars. This winds through gardens and past a school and leads us curvy but without branching over the last hill to be crossed to Sorrento.

The next striking landmark in this section of the route is reached from "Massa Lubrense" after approx. 30 minutes: we meet a larger busy road (waypoint 14). Our footpath continues here directly opposite, after about another 5, serpentines or steps begin with a great view of Sorrento and the bay of "Marina Grande". At the end of the switchbacks we see a very narrow crenellated house. An inconspicuous staircase leads down behind this house. The only way to recognize that this is not a private access staircase is to have an official street sign labeled "1ª Trav Capo" (waypoint 15).
After a few steps we reach the old town of Sorrento and after many hiking days in nature we are suddenly surrounded by international tourism.

Tip: If you should take the boat back to Naples and therefore have to go to the port: The most beautiful footpath to the port begins on the promenade behind the Church of San Francesco. There is a small path for pedestrians here, a path integrated into the steep wall that leads down to the harbor along the sundecks.

Street sign "Vicolo Barbarella" in Schiazzano

On the sunny side - stage 6 between Massa Lubrense and Sorrento

The promenade over the cliffs in Sorrento

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Stage 6: overnight stay

Overnight in Sorrento - good selection at high prices

Sorrento is due to its exceptional geographic location over steep cliffs, its pleasant climate, its unique sunsets and the proximity to Ischia and Capri the "Italian dream" par excellence for many travelers and therefore an international tourist magnet. This is noticeable both in the variety of offers and in the price level of the accommodation offered. Numerous 5 star hotels advertise for guests as well as small guest houses, bed and breakfasts and boutique accommodations with no star rating. Almost everyone is still expensive. To put it bluntly, Sorrento has the largest selection of accommodations beyond the 200 euro per night limit.

We were lucky and got a very chic and reasonably affordable room at Sorrento Flats at short notice (Sorrento Flats), As a rule, you have to dig deep into Sorrento or cut back on quality or the proximity to the center. Anyone who searches on In our experience, therefore, should not be based on stars but only on the evaluation result (e.g. 8 and better) and the price.

Star hotels on the steep coast of Sorrento

Beach baths off the steep coast of Sorrento